Today's Zaman, Turkey
Feb 28 2015

Former intelligence unit chief Ramazan Akyurek was arrested on Friday.

(Photo: Cihan)

February 27, 2015, Friday/ 21:20:46/ TODAYSZAMAN.COM / ISTANBUL

Former intelligence unit chief Ramazan Akyurek was arrested on Friday
over an investigation into the 2007 killing of Turkish-Armenian
journalist hrant dink.

The former police chief, who was the head of the trabzon Police
intelligence department at the time of Dink's murder, was detained
on Thursday as part of the investigation.

Akyurek was suspended from duty in March following accusations of
negligence in preventing Dink's murder.

His name has come up frequently during the trial of suspects accused
of plotting to kill Dink. Akyurek had been accused of having links
to Erhan Tuncel, who is a suspect accused of soliciting Ogun Samast
to murder Dink.

Dink, the editor-in-chief of the Agos newspaper, was assassinated
in broad daylight outside his office on Jan. 19, 2007. He was shot
and killed by an ultra-nationalist teenager, Samast. The hit man
and 18 others were brought to trial. Since then, the lawyers for
the Dink family and the co-plaintiffs in the case have presented
evidence indicating that Samast did not act alone. Another suspect,
Yasin Hayal, was given life in prison for inciting Samast to murder.

After the Supreme Court of Appeals partially reversed a lower court's
verdict, which said there were no criminal rings behind the murder,
a re-trial kicked off in October 2014, in which the suspects are
charged with being members of a criminal ring.

On Jan. 12, the prosecutor of the case issued arrest warrants for
Trabzon Police Department Assistant Commissioner Ozkan Mumcu and
another police officer, Muhittin Zenit, on charges of negligence and
misconduct in Dink's murder.