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Eastern Prelacy: Crossroads E-Newsletter - 07/30/2004

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  • Eastern Prelacy: Crossroads E-Newsletter - 07/30/2004

    Eastern Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America
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    Crossroads E-Newsletter July 30, 2004

    Archbishop Oshagan will travel to Camp Haiastan, Franklin,
    Massachusetts, where he will preside over the Andastan Service on Sunday,
    August 1, during the annual summer picnic sponsored by the St. Stephen
    parish of Watertown.
    Andastan service is the blessing of the harvest and blesses the four
    corners of the world, East, West, South and North and concludes with this
    benediction: Oh Christ our God, guardian and hope of the faithful, protect
    and keep in peace your faithful people under the protection of Your Holy and
    venerable cross; their family, their home, the bread, the salt, and the
    water. Save them Oh Lord, from visible and invisible enemies and make them
    worthy to glorify You with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and always,
    forever and ever. Amen.

    This Saturday, July 31, the Armenian Church remembers the children and
    grandchildren of St. Gregory the Illuminator: Saints Aristakes, Vrtanes,
    Housik, Grigoris, and Daniel. Paganism and anti-Christian values were
    prevalent in Armenia in spite of the missionary work of St. Gregory and King
    Drtad. The sons and grandsons of Gregory continued the mission to spread
    Christianity. Their efforts continued to strengthen the young church.
    St. Gregory was succeeded by his son, Aristakes, as Catholicos.
    Aristakes was martyred in 333 and was succeeded by his brother, Vertanes.
    Housik, son of Vertanes, succeeded his father. Housik was succeeded by a
    grandson rather than his son. This grandson was St. Nerses the Great who is
    often referred to as the Second Illuminator. But, that is another story for
    another day. Grigoris became the first Bishop of Georgia and Caucasian
    Albania. Daniel, although neither a son nor grandson of Gregory, is included
    in this commemoration. He was a student of Gregory and helped in the
    conversion to Christianity.

    His Highness Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan recently visited His
    Holiness Catholicos Aram I in Antelias, Lebanon, where the See of Cilicia is
    located. The Prince and the Catholicos are actively involved in the
    Christian-Moslem dialogue and both of them stressed the crucial importance
    of deepening the interfaith dialogue as an important instrument for peace,
    justice, and reconciliation.

    The Armenian Theological Seminary of the Cilician See in Bikfaya,
    Lebanon, brought its 74th year to a successful conclusion on June 25. That
    the fruits of the Seminary have had a worldwide impact cannot be disputed.
    During the past 74 years thousands of young Armenians have passed through
    the Seminary. Among its students have been future catholicoses, archbishops,
    bishops, celibate and married priests, teachers, headmaster, and choir
    directors, as well as writers and intellectuals. The history of this
    institution is a tribute to the dedication and intelligence of the Armenian
    people. Since its founding in 1930, the Antelias Seminary has produced four
    catholicoses: Zareh I (first graduate of the Seminary); Khoren I, Karekin II
    (later also Karekin I of Etchmiadzin), and Aram I, the current catholicos.
    The 75th anniversary of this venerable institution will be commemorated
    worldwide next year.

    Last week we reported that the Executive Director of the Armenian
    National Education Committee (ANEC), Gilda Kupelian, will attend two
    upcoming conferences. We neglected to mention that Mrs. Nayiri Balanian,
    chair of ANEC, will also be attending the Pan-Armenian Educational
    Conference in Yerevan, Armenia.

    The orphan sponsorship program started by the Prelacy in 1993 is now
    well established and extremely efficient in its operation. Currently more
    than 700 children are enrolled in the program. About 100 children are
    waiting for sponsors. Annual sponsorship is only $180. We are so fortunate
    to live at a time and place where we are blessed with many gifts. Please
    remember that there are many people, especially children, less fortunate who
    need our assistance. If you would like to sponsor a child in Armenia or
    Artsakh contact the Prelacy office, 212-689-7810.
    Here are some excerpts from letters we have recently received from
    sponsored children:
    From Datevig: I was born November 9, 1991. I was born seven months after
    my father died, so I have never seen my father, nor have I seen his grave.
    My father was a freedom fighter and a hero. My mother's name is Irina. She
    has been suffering from illness for many years. I have two sisters. Dear
    sponsor, on behalf of my family I want to thank you. We are grateful for
    your help. We wish you good health, happiness and peace.
    >From Kevork: I was born March 10, 1990. I am currently in the sixth grade.
    We have six people in our family. My father, Gabriel, was a freedom fighter
    in Artsakh. He was killed on April 24, 1994. I am proud to be a son of such
    a father and I hope I will be like him.
    From Gohar: I am eleven years old and in fifth grade. It is true that I
    am very proud of my father, but I must be truthful and say that I miss my
    father very much, especially when I see my friends walking hand-in-hand with
    their fathers. I am deprived of that joy. I am happy to have a benefactor
    like you and I consider you to be a part of my family. I love you very much.

    Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it is in your power to
    help them. If you can help your neighbor now, do not say, Come back
    tomorrow, and then I will help you.
    Proverbs 3:27-28

    Visit our website at

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress