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Saakashvili arrives in Armenia

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  • Saakashvili arrives in Armenia

    March 12 2004


    YEREVAN, MARCH 12, ARMENPRESS: On March 12-13, 2004, the President
    of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili paid an official visit to the Republic
    of Armenia by an invitation extended to him by the President of
    Armenia Robert Kocharian. The delegation of the Georgian president
    consists of Georgian ministers for energy, infrastructures and
    development, members of Georgian parliament, representative of
    Georgian president in Javakheti province, other officials, reporters.

    After a ceremony of greeting, held at the residency of Armenian
    president, the private conversation between the two presidents was
    held, which was followed by the enlarged Armenian-Georgian
    The Presidents of Armenia and Georgia noted the high level of
    relations between Armenia and Georgia, which are based on the
    centuries-old friendship between the Armenian and Georgian people,
    reported the press office of the Armenian president. During the
    negotiations, the sides discussed the current state and the future of
    the bilateral relations, as well as some current international and
    regional issues of mutual interest. The Presidents of Armenia and
    Georgia reiterated their determination to continue to strengthen the
    friendly relations and to develop mutually beneficial cooperation
    between the Republic of Armenia and Georgia.
    The parties noted that the large number of existing bilateral
    agreements and documents is aimed at deepening the mutually
    beneficial cooperation across the whole spectrum of bilateral
    relations. Both presidents of Armenia and Georgia expressed
    satisfaction with the fact that, during the visit, they exchanged the
    ratification documents of the October 23, 2001 Agreement on
    Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Security between the Republic of
    Armenia and Georgia, thus reiterating Armenia's and Georgia's desire
    to provide a fresh impulse to the further development of extensive
    cooperation and friendly relations based on mutual respect and
    consideration for each other's interests.
    Having emphasized Armenia's and Georgia's commitment to
    integration with European institutions, the parties noted the need
    for closer cooperation in their relations with the European Union, as
    well as within the framework of the UN, the Council of Europe, the
    OSCE, the CIS and other universal and regional international
    The Presidents of Armenia and Georgia reiterated their readiness
    to cooperate more actively within the framework of the Black Sea
    Economic Cooperation organization and noted the importance of closer
    cooperation in various regional initiatives, such as TRACECA and
    Taking into consideration the obligation to address various modern
    challenges and threats, such as international terrorism, organized
    crime, weapons and drugs trafficking, the sides noted the need for
    increasing the effectiveness of bilateral and multilateral
    cooperation and coordinating the joint efforts in those areas. The
    presidents noted that it is possible to create a favorable climate
    for resolving the conflicts in the region by deepening the regional
    cooperation and bridging the interests of the countries of the
    region. They reiterated once again their commitment to the principle
    of non-interference with each other's internal affairs, mutual
    respect for self-rule, territorial integrity and inviolability of
    borders, as well as respect for basic human rights and liberties.
    The Armenian side expressed confidence that the constitutional
    changes, the reforms in the Executive and Legislative branches of
    power and the March 28, 2004 parliamentary elections in Georgia are
    aimed at strengthening the democracy and stability and ensuring
    economic development in Georgia, which is not only in Georgia's
    interests, but also in the interests of Armenia and the region as a
    whole. The Parties noted the special role of the high-level
    Armenian-Georgian political dialogue in ensuring the dynamic and
    constructive nature of the bilateral relations. Kocharian and
    Saakashvili emphasized the importance of continuing to strengthen the
    inter-parliamentary ties, and noted the need for deepening the
    bilateral ties on all levels. They noted the need for regular
    consultations between the executive and legislative branches of power
    in both countries.
    The sides noted the need to make the work of the Armenian-Georgian
    intergovernmental committee on economic cooperation more active, and
    expressed confidence that the committee's productive work would
    promote bilateral trade, cooperation in various sectors of the
    economy and mutually beneficial cooperation in transport and
    communication programs, in tune with international standards and
    economic realities. The parties reiterated the need to continue the
    work on demarcation of the state border between the Republic of
    Armenia and Georgia.
    The visit took place in a constructive, cordial and friendly
    atmosphere. The President of Georgia expressed his gratitude to the
    Armenian side for the constructive dialogue and hospitality, and
    invited the President of the Republic of Armenia to pay an official
    visit to Georgia at any convenient time.