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Chess: Interview with B. Djobava

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  • Chess: Interview with B. Djobava

    Azat Artsakh - Republic of Nagorno Karabakh
    March 19 2004


    Among the guests of the International Chess Tournament held in
    Stepanakert was young chess-player from Georgia, grand master Bahadur
    - What did you know about Nagorni Karabakh?
    - I heard about the territorial and political conflict between
    Azerbaijan and Nagorni Karabakh 12 years ago, when I was a child. And
    today it is painful that the historically attached neighbour nations
    solve their problems in military ways.
    - We knew that you would participate in the tournament.
    - When I learned about my possible participation in the international
    tournament to be held in Stepanakert I was glad because the
    competition was going to be serious and besides I had many
    acquaintances among the participants and organizers. I hoped that the
    tournament would also favour the friendly and cultural relationships
    between the chess-players from different countries and would become a
    festivity for the lovers of chess. Unfortunately, I could not take
    part in the tournament because of the decision of the administration
    of the Georgian Federation of Chess. As a chess-player I felt
    humiliated; we always thought that we must contribute to the
    development of chess in the world. Therefore I accepted the
    invitation of the organizer of the tournament Smbat Lpoutian to take
    part in the tournament as a guest. On these days the chess school of
    Stepanakert was opened. I met with the children, delivered a lecture
    for them.
    - What is your impression from the tournament?
    - I was especially impressed by the meeting with the guest of honour
    of the tournament, former champion of the world Boris Spassky. His
    presence imparted friendliness to the atmosphere. The tournament was
    marked for strong participants and interesting and tense competition.
    The hall was always full of audience. I would like such tournaments
    to be organized more frequently in all the countries of the world,
    especially in Transcaucasia: Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.
    - Certain Azerbaijani mass media gave a negative reaction in your
    - In the web site of FIDE I was blamed that the flag of Georgia was
    raised for my participation. I want to assure that the flag of
    Georgia was not raised although it should have been as Tigran
    Petrossian was born in Tbilisi. I do not want my name to be
    circulated in the political and chess intrigues. I only did my duty
    of a professional chess-player to make our favourite game more famous
    and popular.