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Beirut: Hogasapian rejects Aoun's remarks about Armenians

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  • Beirut: Hogasapian rejects Aoun's remarks about Armenians

    Hogasapian rejects Aoun's remarks about Armenians

    The Daily Star, Lebanon
    May 5 2004

    Beirut MP Jean Hogasapian rejected former Army Commander Michel Aoun's
    recent remarks, saying Lebanon's Armenians did not follow democratic
    traditions and were manipulated by remote control by those controlling
    them politically.

    In a statement issued Tuesday, the MP said he would like to clarify to
    Aoun that Lebanon's Armenians had done a good job so far integrating
    themselves in this country's political life.

    The Armenians "have set up political alliances and have successfully
    interacted with all parts of the Lebanese community around them,"
    the MP said, adding that the Armenians "abide by Lebanon's political
    principles, specifically those dealing with democracy and political

    Commenting on Sunday's Mount Lebanon municipal elections, Hogasapian
    said Armenians had "exercised their right to vote and were not
    influenced by any political pressure."

    Aoun-backed candidates in Sunday's elections had predominantly failed
    to give a good account of themselves. Aoun had held Armenian voters
    partly to blame for that failure.