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Russia has highest salary rate in CIS

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  • Russia has highest salary rate in CIS

    Russia has highest salary rate in CIS

    Pravda, Russia
    May 10 2004

    Russia is the only one among the countries of the CIS with the highest
    monthly salaries.

    According to the CIS Committee of Statistics, average monthly salary
    in Russia constitutes 6218 rubles (that is a bit more than $200 USD),

    Kazakhstan is second with 5473-ruble average salary. Then goes
    Belarus (3953 rubles), Ukraine with 2804-ruble salaries, Azerbaijan
    (2588 rubles), Moldavia (2454 rubles) and Armenia (1927 rubles).
    Tajikistan has the lowest average salary-516 rubles ($17 USD).

    Growth of the actual monthly wages for the first quarter of the year
    appeared to be as follows: Moldova-9%, Azerbaijan and Belarus-11%,
    Kazakhstan-15%, Russia-18%, Armenia-19%, and Ukraine-23%. Tajikistan
    has the highest growth rate-31%, informs the source.

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress