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BAKU: Azeris in Russia appeal to Putin

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  • BAKU: Azeris in Russia appeal to Putin

    Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
    March 25 2005

    Azeris in Russia appeal to Putin

    AssA-Irada 25/03/2005 02:24

    Azerbaijanis living in Russia have appealed to President Putin
    expressing their discontent over the recent attack on the Azeri
    diaspora leader Soyun Sadigov.

    "Sadigov is closely involved in maintaining the Russo-Azeri relations
    and solving the problems of Azerbaijanis living in Russia. Moreover,
    as a chairman of the "Garabagh" International Charity Foundation,
    he is actively involved in the settlement of the Upper Garabagh
    conflict. Therefore, it is obvious that this action was committed by
    forces opposed to his activity," said the appeal.

    The diaspora leader's car was subjected to a shooting by unidentified
    individuals on March 18. Sadigov was not hurt, however, his driver
    Zuyev was injured.

    Sadigov, born in the Garayazi county of Georgia in 1960, received the
    title of the Soviet Union unarmed self-defense champion in 1978. He
    is a candidate of science and is also engaged in business.