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  • Noah's Arc not on mt. Ararat - experts

    Noah's Arc not on mt. Ararat - experts

    Mar 25 2005 10:06PM

    MOSCOW. March 25 (Interfax) - The legendary Noah's Arc is not on
    mount Ararat, the objects mistaken for remains of a giant ship are
    natural, members of an expedition to mount Ararat, Turkey, told a
    press conference at the Interfax central office on Friday.

    The expedition was organized by the Kosmopoisk research center and
    the Unknown Planet Television company.

    "Everything we saw, all the samples we collected indicate that
    Noah's Arc is not located on Ararat's western slope. In any case,
    not after the 1840 eruption that destroyed everything, including
    fossilized wood, no ship could have survived that," said Kosmopoisk
    head Vadim Chernobrov.