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ANKARA: PM says no link between US base request, Genocide issue

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  • ANKARA: PM says no link between US base request, Genocide issue

    Turkish premier says no link between US base request, Armenian genocide issue

    Anatolia news agency, Ankara
    31 Mar 05

    Rabat, 31 March: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on
    Thursday [31 March] that there was political will to further improve
    relations between Turkey and Morocco. [Passage omitted]

    Erdogan said, "Turkey does not accept the accusation of so-called
    Armenian genocide. Documents refutes such slanders".

    When asked, "what does the United States want from Turkey about the
    Incirlik Air Base? Some circles have connected the United States'
    request for use of the Air Base with approval of a resolution about
    so-called Armenian genocide by the US congress. What do you think
    about it?" Prime Minister Erdogan said, "as a democratic, secular and
    social state of law, Turkey will continue supporting its ally under
    the structure of NATO and under the United Nations humanitarian relief
    efforts. However, it is impossible to meet all requests every time.
    We do not have any problem about principles. In the meantime, we will
    regret any attempts to relate it to so-called Armenian genocide.

    The US parliament has never done such a thing, and I believe that it
    will not do so in the future".

    Recalling that Turkey had opened its state archives in an effort to
    enlighten the facts, Prime Minister Erdogan told reporters, "the
    United States should also take action by charging historians and
    jurists to make a detailed research. Because, decisions we make do not
    concern only one country. These decisions should not affect the other

    "Turkey has never cherished any resentment or hatred against
    Armenia. We declared that we have opened our state archives, and
    called for a research. However, they rejected our proposal. Their
    baseless slanders are totally unacceptable. Turkey does not accept the
    accusation of so-called Armenian genocide since documents refutes such
    slanders. Turkey will make a decision soon, and inform all countries
    approving resolutions to recognize so-called Armenian genocide," he

    [Passage omitted]