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Kazakh region destroys ammunition scrap dumps

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  • Kazakh region destroys ammunition scrap dumps

    Kazakh region destroys ammunition scrap dumps

    Channel 31 TV, Almaty
    27 Mar 06

    [Presenter] The Ministry of Defence has cleared the artillery scrap
    heaps in the outskirts of the town of Balkhash in central Karaganda
    Region. In all, locals had illegally extracted 370 tonnes of artillery
    scrap from old ammunition depots at Tokrau station. Bullets and
    bombs fell into civilian hands after conflagration at army depots
    in 2001. There were tens of thousands tonnes of ammunition that were
    brought back from Afghanistan and Armenia. The locals used to take them
    apart and sell to scrap merchants. The explosive scrap has already
    caused several deaths this year. Five locals died in February when
    disassembling bombs. A total of 40 tonnes of ammunition parts were
    found at a local scrap merchant's. By the defence minister's decree,
    a working group was sent to Balkhash District to ensure civilians'
    safety and to gather up all the scrap.

    [Bulat Darbekov, Deputy Minister of Defence, chair of staff commanders'
    committee, captioned] Presently all fragments of ammunition have been
    taken out to arsenals and later will be destroyed.