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Reilly Criticizes Deval Patrick's Ties to Armenian Genocide Deniers

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  • Reilly Criticizes Deval Patrick's Ties to Armenian Genocide Deniers

    Reilly Criticizes Patrick's Ties to Armenian Genocide Deniers

    Hub Politics, MA
    April 22 2006

    Just as I suspected. While the idiosyncrasies of Deval Patrick's ties
    to a group that lobbies on behalf of Republic of Turkey's denial of
    the Armenian Genocide, it has nonetheless provided Patrick rival Tom
    "Cover Up" Reilly with a springboard for attacking Patrick.

    While gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick stood by his association
    with a D.C. lobbyist working to squash the legitimacy of the Armenian
    genocide, opponent Tom Reilly said he wouldn't want anything to do
    with a person like that.

    "Anyone who would try and undermine the history and the truth of what
    happened to the Armenian population, I certainly would be disappointed
    in that. I certainly would not want to have anything to do with that,"
    Reilly said.

    The Herald reported yesterday that a Deval Patrick fund-raiser in
    Washington D.C. was co-hosted by Bernie Robinson, a consultant to the
    Livingston Group, a high-powered lobbying firm that has taken millions
    from the Turkish government to fight Congress from recognizing that
    the slaughter of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians beginning in 1915
    was genocide.

    Reilly, whose office is defending the state's refusal to include the
    point of view of those who deny there was an Armenian genocide in the
    statewide Department of Education history curriculum, said Patrick
    will "have to make his own decisions as to who he associates with
    and the people that raise money for him."

    Patrick's spokeswoman, Libby DeVecchi, is earning her salary defending
    Patrick, as she has in this case. "It is unfortunate that one of our
    opponents is trying to make a political issue out of the tragedy,"
    she said.

    With Reilly's criticism, this story with Patrick and Livingston
    Group has reached its peak. The reality of the situation is that
    it certainly doesn't look favorable, it is an undeniable truth in
    Washington that you will be dealing with people and groups who have
    some connection, weak or strong, to other groups and beliefs that
    may or may not politically viable.

    I will say though, Patrick's defense is weak at best. I will also say
    that if the Livingston Group or some other group tied to the Patrick
    campaign was involved with a group that denies the occurance of the
    Nazi Holocaust, this story would be a lot different. 0458.php