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ANCA TELETHON: Website, Phonathon Kicks Off

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  • ANCA TELETHON: Website, Phonathon Kicks Off

    April 23, 2006

    Armenian National Committee of America
    888 17th Street, NW, Suite 904
    Washington, DC 20006
    Tel: (202) 775-1918
    Fax: (202) 775-5648
    Email: [email protected]

    For more information:
    Maral Habeshian
    ANCA Telethon Office

    ANCA Telethon Launches Web Site

    Nationwide Phonathon and Internet Campaign Kicks Off Fundraising Effort

    (Washington, DC - April 23, 2006) - The Armenian National Committee of
    America Telethon today announced the launch of the web site devoted to
    the telethon at (click on Telethon logo) where supporters
    of the Armenian Cause can make online donations in advance of the May
    21 st nationwide telethon broadcast. In addition, a nationwide
    inbound and outbound telephone campaign has been launched to
    personally reach out to thousands of Armenian households across the
    country during the weeks preceding the telethon. The purpose of the
    telethon is to raise financial resources that will propel the advocacy
    for the Armenian Cause to a new level of sophistication and reach.
    Proceeds will be used to broaden the ANCA's advocacy and educational
    programs on Armenian issues within the halls of Congress, the White
    House, state and local governments and the media.

    "The campaign leading up to the Telethon broadcast is meant to rally
    into action everyone who believes in the Armenian Cause and use the
    latest technological tools to unite us as a powerful force regardless
    of geography, " said Steve Artinian, member of the ANCA Telethon's
    outreach team. "There is an amazing pool of professional talent who
    have come together to ensure the Telethon reaches as many households
    as possible. We are pulling out the stops on this effort and intend
    to raise the stakes for the Cause substantially in the process."

    The ANCA Telethon reflects the next stage for the many issues
    confronting the community. For example, the ANCA's media relations
    efforts during the last year alone are driving increased media
    coverage of the Armenian Genocide. The results are a rapidly
    expanding public awareness of the issue and exposure of the shameful
    position of the government of Turkey and the U.S. State Department
    both of whom continue to deny the Genocide. The most recent example
    of the ANCA's anti-defamation efforts with the media has been
    confronting PBS for attempting to broadcast their insulting panel
    discussion that featured academics who have been paid by the Turkish
    government to deny and distort the Genocide's historical facts.
    However, spurring increased media coverage across the country requires
    greater vigilance in anti-defamation efforts to make sure the coverage
    is accurate and repels the Turkish government's denial campaign.
    This stage has led to an increased need for professional resources and
    media experts in order to continue winning in the court of public

    The ANCA Telethon will feature the ANCA's many interesting and
    successful programs asking for financial support. As a run up to the
    broadcast, the online Internet campaign and phonathon will allow
    people to show their support in advance of the broadcast. To make a
    donation in advance, people can call 1-866-402-2622 (ANCA) or go to and click on the Telethon logo to make a donation online.