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Caucasus Was Rich with Events in 2005

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  • Caucasus Was Rich with Events in 2005



    [04:19 pm] 28 April, 2006

    The annual international conference which started today in hotel
    `Armenia-Marriott' was devoted to the tendencies of political, social
    and economic development and events in the countries of Northern and
    Southern Caucasus.

    Scientists, journalists and public figures from Armenia, Georgia,
    Russia, Israel and other countries were present at the
    conference. Only Azerbaijan was not represented. According to chief
    scientific worker of the Russian Academy of Science Alexander Krilov,
    the reason was the problem with security guarantees. He himself spoke
    about the place of Azerbaijan in the world and the tendencies of its

    According to Alexander Krilov, Azerbaijan has the lowest economic
    index among all the CIS countries, although the Azeri government has a
    different opinion. According to the Russian analyst, the reason of
    the low economic index is the increase of the expenses of the budget
    after the intensive export of oil, and the shadow economy which forms
    about 20-25%. Nevertheless according to the Azeri government, this is
    a normal index.

    The Azeri opposition claims that the information about opening many
    workplaces in Azerbaijan does not correspond to the reality. As for
    democracy, all the problems in the country are solved with the special
    methods of the authoritarian regime.

    Lasha Bakradze, professor of the Management European School, made a
    report about Georgia titled «Georgia - 2005: road to future». He
    represented the situation in his country after the «rose
    revolution» partly with humor, and partly with criticism. He
    represented the information about the five fold raise of the budget of
    the country and the twofold raise of the old-age pension which
    according to him was ridiculous.

    «Health examinations are not carried out in the hospitals», he
    mentioned adding that the citizens of Georgia must solve their
    problems on their own initiative. He said that the index of the
    exposure of crimes is still very low, and the conditions in prisons
    have not been improved.

    Alexander Iskandaryan, the head of the Mass Media Caucasian Institute
    made a report about Armenia in 2005 titled «Spiral development of
    Armenia». He said hat it is difficult to speak about Armenia in
    Armenia and voiced hope that he will not be criticized hard. He
    mentioned that alongside with usual inner political problems in this
    case the Karabakh conflict is added too. According to him, there is no
    progress in this sphere, «The sides meet only in order to arrange
    the following meetings».

    As for the Armenian opposition, he mentioned that if we used to speak
    about weak authorities and weak opposition, now we speak about weak
    authorities and absence of opposition. According to Alexander
    Iskandaryan, the foreign policy in 2005 lasted 14 months: it started
    with the problem of Upper Lars and ended with the raise of the costs
    of gas.