28 April 06

It depends on the conditions how expedient it will be to give the
section of Iran-Armenia running through Armenia to Russia, said Kiro
Manoyan, member of the ARF Bureau, answering the question of Nevertheless, he said it would be better if the
Iran-Armenia gas pipeline belonged to Armenia and Iran. However, Kiro
Manoyan also said that Armenia might be made to give the pipeline to
the Russians.

`The government might have to give something in some place,
it is not a matter of joy or wishes. The foreign minister, for
instance, announced about funding, how it should be funded,
etc. However, it is preferable if the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline
belongs to Iran and Armenia only, or at least the country which has
great possibilities and influence on the energy sector in Armenia is
not engaged,' says the representative of Dashnaktsutiun
(Armenian Revolutionary Federation). Kiro Manoyan says it would be
better if the Iran-Armenia gas pipeline were the way where Russia
would have no influence.