28 April 06

Member of the bureau of the All-Armenian Movement Aram Manukyan told
the reporter of April 27 that the programs of the AAM and
Bargavach Hayastan Party (Prosperous Armenia) might be quite similar.

`If they copied the wise things, it must be rather similar. But
writing is one thing, and acting is another thing. I haven't read
it. I do not have the health and vigor to read a hundred-page-long
program. My approach is more general: the birth of a new political
force is impossible in Armenia. The offices of all kinds of political
ideologies have been occupied, the ones that are being set up are
either a person's political party or units, stemming from the
conjuncture,' says Aram Manukyan. He refuted the information that the
intellectual potential of the All-Armenian Movement, namely several
members of the party, contributed to the creation of the program of
Gagik Tsarukyan's political party.

`Well, if you consider Victor Dallakyan (pro-AAM), I don't know. I
know there are approaches that are close to the AAM's, it is quite
normal. Not in terms of people. In terms of ideas, I also have heard
that they used these. I am glad about it, I do not feel bitter, I am
even glad that the AAM is not there absolutely, but the ideology of
the AAM triumphed,' says Aram Manukyan.

He learned from press that the program of the Bargavach Hayastan Party
was written by the secretary of the Ardarutiun Alliance Victor
Dallakyan. Aram Manukyan says he trusts the information in press and
he is even convinced that it is true. `In fact, I know it is true. He
took our program, other programs, copied, made up a nice program,
that's all,' says Aram Manukyan.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress