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Armenians - A Favorite Target For Moscow Skinheads

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  • Armenians - A Favorite Target For Moscow Skinheads


    Armenians - A Favorite Target For Moscow Skinheads

    According to statistics, among other ethnic minorities
    the Russian Nazi more often attack Armenians.

    26.04.2006 GMT+04:00

    Saturday incident in one of Moscow underground stations resulting in
    the murder of 17-year-old Vigen Abrahamyants has aroused a wave of
    protest in the Armenian community. The fact that the murder was
    committed on the eve of the 91st anniversary of Armenian genocide and
    immediately after Nazis celebrated Adolph Hitler's birthday, gave a
    special coloring to the incident. Law enforcing organs keep on
    insisting that it was just a domestic crime and did not have any
    nationalistic motives. Is it true or not? Further investigation will
    show. In any case it is obvious that lately Armenians have been
    attacked by Russian skinheads more often than other ethnic minorities.

    /PanARMENIAN.Net/ It is evident that in Russia nationalistic crimes
    tend to rise in number. This can be proved by the non-official
    statistics tracked by Russian social structures. On April 6 Russian
    `Sova' information-analytic center published a report on ethnic hatred
    crimes committed from December 2005 to February 2006. The report was
    prepared by candidate of historical sciences Galina
    Kojevnikova. According to the report, more than 40 attacks on
    foreigners have been registered in Russia during the past three winter
    months. During only 90 days 91 foreigners have become victims of
    skinheads. 6 of the victims were killed. 3 people were killed already
    after summing up of the report. As compared with the same period of
    last year the number of attacks has risen by 25 percents. Those are
    only well known cases. But how many unknown cases there can be? It is
    noteworthy that all the registered incidents took place in
    Moscow. However, that does not mean that in the provinces skinheads
    are more `humane' to foreigners. The thing is that in the capital
    nationalistic crimes receive more publicity.

    The report of `Sova' information-analytic center allows noticing that
    recently the aggression of skinheads has been spreading mainly on
    Armenians. According to the report since the beginning of the year
    racists have killed 7 people, 5 of which were Armenians. (Whereas
    Armenians make up 10 percents among `non-Russians'. For instance in
    Russia there are more Azeris than Armenians). Of course we can view
    those incidents as coincidence and refer to the fact that in the
    majority of cases criminals did not even know the nationality of their
    victims. But there are already too much of those coincidences. Why do
    the skinheads attack Armenians more often? Maybe because Armenians
    make skinheads more nervous because of their achievements? The
    prosperity of many Russian Armenians is sometimes really
    striking. However we still cannot exclude the possibility of
    instructions from forces which patron and coordinate the actions of
    skinhead bands. In this respect, especially suspicious is the fact
    that attacks on Armenians became more often exactly on the eve of the
    genocide anniversary.

    Official structures treat the statistics with distrust. They have
    their own statistics. According to the official version, since the
    beginning of 2006 11 attacks for national motives have been registered
    in Russia. According to law enforcing organs - four times
    more. Anyway, it is hard to deny facts. The fact that five Armenians
    have been killed since the beginning of 2006 can be proved. In all the
    cases there were evidences allowing speaking about racist motives of
    the committed crimes. Here are the examples of concrete cases,
    mentioned in the report of `Sova' analytical center. 13-year-old
    Evgeny Baghdasaryan was killed in Moscow on January 7. His body with
    34 knife wounds was found in the street. On January 9 on the Caucasian
    boulevard to the South of Moscow, four unknown people dressed in short
    black jackets, black jeans and army boots knifed 52-year-old Hayk
    Dolukhanyan who died of loss of blood. On February 15 in the central
    part of Moscow unknown people killed a 29-year-old citizen of Armenia
    who had 14 knife wounds on his body. On March 16, five teenagers beat
    23-year-old Robert Feroyan and his sister Maya in the Monino-Moscow
    train carriage and pushed the out in Tayinskaya railway
    station. Robert died of 7 knife wounds. His sister is seriously
    wounded. The arrested criminals had Fascist literature. The latest
    case was the murder of Vigen Abrahamyants and again national
    intolerance in considered as a possible motive. By the way, the
    Abrahamyants family has already come across the so-called national
    intolerance. In January 1990 the Abrahamyants ran away from Azerbaijan
    massacres of Armenians were still under way.

    This was the statistics of murders. The list of seriously wounded is
    much longer. Let's bring several examples. On December 5, at 19:30 on
    Polbyn Street in Moscow criminals stabbed a 34-year-old Armenian. Late
    in January two students - an Armenian and an Azeri, were severely
    beaten by skinheads near a dormitory in Yoshkar-Ola. On the 28th of
    March in the center of Yekaterinburgh three teenagers beat two
    Armenian born people. And the latest case was the attack on the
    Secretary of the Cinematographers Union of Armenia Michael
    Dovlatyan. Law enforcing bodies are doing their best to class the
    nationalistic crimes in the category of common crimes. The
    abovementioned incident on Polbyn Street is a perfect proof of the
    idea. Witnesses say that the attackers were close-cut, in jeans and
    army boots. Thus, they looked just like skinheads. Anyway, the Russian
    police keep on insisting that the incident was just a robbery attack
    without any national motive. In her interview to `Caucasian network'
    Internet portal the author of `Sova' analytical center report Galina
    Kojevnikova mentioned about the deliberate striving of law enforcing
    bodies to conceal real motives of the crimes. As an example proving
    the fact, Kojevnikova mentioned the judicial proceedings in Sverdlovsk
    district. On December 7 the Judge announced the verdict of teenagers
    who in May 2005 killed three Armenian workers. According to
    investigation materials after committing the crime murderers returned
    to a cafe where in the presence of witnesses they announced to have
    `cleaned up' the city. Despite this fact, the court did not consider
    the ethnic hatred factor in the crime committed.

    So what can Russian Armenians do to resist the rising threat? Shall
    they rely on the police and hope that they will protect them? Few
    people believe in the potential of police. Moreover, the leaders of
    the Armenian community of Russia have grounds to suppose that
    skinheads are directly or indirectly patronized by representatives of
    state power. On Monday in the interview to Russian journalists the
    president of the Union of Russian Armenians Ara Abrahamyan said that
    the outburst of the Nazi would be impossible if they were not
    supported by certain officials and employees of law enforcing
    bodies. In the near future the Union of Russian Armenians is going to
    organize a round-table discussion with the participation of
    representatives of other ethnic communities to discuss the current
    situation and work out measures of resistance against
    Nazism. Meanwhile, some Moscow Armenians have already determined to go
    for radical measures. On Monday they expressed their protest by
    blocking Noviy Arbat Street.

    It is worth mentioning that similar attacks are organized not only on
    ethnic Armenians having Russian citizenship, but also citizens of
    Armenia. Thus, it is not only the problem of the Armenian community
    but also official Yerevan and political leaders of our country have to
    express their reaction. Racism murders cannot but stir up anti-Russian
    moods, which have recently spread in Armenia. Impunity of the Nazi
    will bring to a point when more and more people in Yerevan will seek
    alternatives to the pro-Russian political orientation of our
    country. Like it or not, the problem is being politicalized and it
    seems that consideration of the issue on a political level is

    PanARMENIAN.Net» analytical department

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress