Armenia continues reinforcing its capacity to resist terrorist threats
29.04.2006 14:32

`With the considerable assistance of the US Armenia continues
reinforcing its capacity to resist terrorist threats,' says the annual
report of the US Department of State on fight against terrorism.

`Despite the fact that there are no terrorist groups in Armenia, the
geopolitical location of the country, its `leaky' borders and the free
visa regime provide growing opportunities for illegal trafficking of
prohibited matters, people and finances. The deepening political and
economic ties of the Armenian government with neighboring Iran have
restricted the criticism of Iranian radicals in Armenia. Armenia has
normal diplomatic and economic relations with Syria. There are large
Armenian communities in Iran and Syria,' the document notes.

The report mentions that Armenia continues to take efforts in the
direction of raising the level of protection of important documents
and has started implementation of special facilities for checking

The annual report of the Department of State notes that in August 2005
Armenia adopted the national control list, which includes those goods,
which cannot be exported or require a special export license.