Chinese police delegation watches Russian Interior Ministry drills

RIA Novosti
28 Apr 06

Moscow, 28 April: The forces of the special subunits from the Russian
Interior Ministry carry out over 230 operations of various kinds every
day, the Russian deputy interior minister, Police Maj-Gen Mikhail
Sukhodolskiy, has told representatives from the antiterrorist
department of China's Public Security Ministry at a meeting.

The Chinese delegation, which arrived in Russia at the invitation of
Russian Interior Minister Army-Gen Rashid Nurgaliyev, attended a
number of events. In particular, they participated as observers in an
antiterrorist command-staff exercise held in the Southern Federal
District by the forces of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Afterwards the observers from China took part in tactical exercises at
which officers practised the use of forces and assets of the federal
executive authorities to free hostages and prevent the hijacking of an
airliner seized by a bandit group.

Then the Chinese delegation went to the Daryal range in the Republic
of North Ossetia - Alania, where a tactical specialist exercise was
held to deal with bandit formations that had broken through the state
border. The forces and assets of the group of operational command,
according to the scenario, searched an area near the border, found
terrorists and destroyed them, thus foiling a terrorist act involving
sabotage at a water infrastructure facility.

According to Sukhodolskiy, the participation of foreign specialists in
antiterrorist exercises by Russian law-enforcement agencies is not
uncommon. "Last year we met specialists from Austria, Armenia and
Belarus," Sukhodolskiy stressed.

He noted that experience is constantly being exchanged with foreign
special subunits. During these meetings, all forms and methods of
foreign colleagues' work are studied and their positive aspects are
introduced into the daily activities of the groups of special forces
of the police.