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Antelias: Fund Creates Cultural & Charity Prospects

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  • Antelias: Fund Creates Cultural & Charity Prospects

    Catholicosate of Cilicia
    Communication and Information Department
    Contact: V.Rev.Fr.Krikor Chiftjian, Communications Officer
    Tel: (04) 410001, 410003
    Fax: (04) 419724
    E-mail: [email protected]

    PO Box 70 317

    Armenian version:

    By Fr. Krikor Chiftjian

    It was a pleasure to find out from the media about the establishment of the
    "Khatchig Babikian" Fund under the sponsorship of the Catholicosate of
    Cilicia. This fund creates new cultural and charity prospects for this Holy
    See that fulfills its existence as a mission for serving.

    Charity and the fulfillment of the needs of the faithful are the most
    sincere and just mission of the Christian Church and particularly our
    national church. This is how the Son of God has grasped his earthly mission
    and passed it on to his followers.

    The church established by Christ is today obliged to achieve the mission it
    inherited from its Head, combining to it the essential job of reaching out
    to the concerns and difficulties its believers and current times. The
    spiritual mission of the church includes the educational, cultural and
    social problems of its believers, which, now more than ever, have come to
    challenge all churches and nations.

    Referring to the Church's mission, His Holiness Aram I says: "The Church,
    the body of Christ, finds its being and achieves its true calling when it
    reaches out to people in the life of service. This is the church: service,
    not the building, not an authority. It is with this realization that we try
    to guide our church towards our people through the service of Catholicosate
    of Cilicia."

    Established under the sponsorship of our Holy See, this fund was founded by
    the name and wish of Khatchig Babikian, Esq., former chairman of the Central
    Executive Council. Shortly before his death, the late Babikian held long
    discussions with His Holiness Aram I to establish the basis of this fund,
    the rightful sponsor of which is the Catholicosate of Cilicia.

    A special committee has been formed to manage the income resulting from the
    interests of the fund's capital, a sum of five million US Dollars. This will
    be done under the direct supervision of the Pontiff.

    In the cultural field, the fund's income will be dedicated to publishing
    works. The publishing work will mostly focus on books related to the
    Armenian Cause, political thought and international law. This also rightly
    forms part of the church's mission, because being a spiritual house that
    fights for justice and peace, the Church should, in the name of God, raise
    its voice bravely defending the violated rights of those abandoned and
    deprived. There are individual and collective rights of people and nations,
    the defender of which is the church with all its potential and moral

    In the educational field, the fund will support the Armenian National
    Schools of Lebanon with annual donations, contributing to the Armenian
    education of new generations.

    These are charity, educational, cultural and national struggle prospects
    that have come to life during the last decades on the Catholicosate of
    Cilicia's path of service. But today, with thus fund, these prospects shine
    with new excitement in the minds of people with vision, will and commitment.

    When someone donates money earned with his sweat to this Holy See, we return
    it to our nation as dedication and service.

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