27 June 06

The principles of settlement of the Karabakh issue, "uncovered" by the
OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair Mathew Bryza, are not in the interests of
Karabakh, stated Vahram Atanesyan, Chair of the Committee of External
Relations of the NKR National Assembly.

According to him, these revelations were addressed to the Armenian
public because they are in the interests of Azerbaijan. "In particular,
I mean the claims to return territories and uncertainty over the time
of settlement of the problem of status," said Vahram Atanesyan.

Earlier an Azerbaijani foreign ministry official affirmed that the
"revealed" proposals are in the interests of Baku. It is interesting,
however, that the president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan stated that
the same proposals had been rejected by Azerbaijan.

Davit Babayan, political scientist, says Bryza's step shows that there
are major controversies and hurdles in the process of settlement, which
are difficult to overcome. "Apparently, the talks for settlement did
not produce significant results," said Davit Babayan. He also thinks
that the logic of Azerbaijan and certain international organizations
is unacceptable for Karabakh.

"Some of the liberated areas have the same role for the security of
Karabakh as the independent state. Real independence is impossible
without these areas," said the political scientist.