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BAKU: "Armenia Afraid Of War"

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  • BAKU: "Armenia Afraid Of War"


    Ïðaâî Âûaîða, Azerbaijan
    Democratic Azerbaijan
    June 29 2006

    Safar Abiyev: "Let Sarkisian says what he wants" "For the last
    years we got specific achievements in the field of creation of
    the Army. Beginning from 1997 the syllabus in military colleges of
    Azerbaijan are set up in accordance with NATO standards, our country
    launched for training of professional personnel in accordance with
    modern requirements. Furthermore, Azerbaijan's military budget grows
    per annum, resulting in reinforcement of our military's social
    protection". Minister of Defence of Azerbaijan, General-Colonel,
    Safar Abiyev, said it at the ceremony devoted to 88th Anniversary
    of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan. According to S. Abiyev, the
    above-mentioned factors resulted in strengthening of work aimed at
    increasing of the military's social protection. "Our armed forces
    widen international relations. To date we signed the agreement on
    military-technical cooperation with such countries as Iran, Turkey,
    the U.S., Russia, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Germany, etc.

    Azerbaijani military participate the hundreds of annual arrangements
    conducted by the NATO within the framework of the Partnership for Peace
    Programme. Our Army is strong and won't concede Azerbaijani lands."

    S. Abiyev informed that Azerbaijan's Armed Forces are ready to return
    the Azerbaijani territories occupied by Armenia by military way.

    According to him, in order to wage a war, it takes just a time.

    Furthermore, the Minister emphasized that this conflict infringes
    on Armenian interests as well as many other countries. In spite
    of that S. Abiyev did not call specific states, but he stated that
    some of them were interested in direct influence upon Azerbaijan:
    "Some major states uphold their views, but they will be forced to go
    back before the power of Azerbaijan. We can show our power."

    S. Abiyev expressed his attitude towards statement of Armenian Defence
    Minister Serge Sarkisian who informed that Azerbaijan did not intend
    to wage a war. "Let Sarkisian says what he wants. With his words he
    is trying to soothe Armenian community and appease a fear of opinions
    due to forthcoming war."

    --Boundary_(ID_TvBZOYMHEQmrkMkCOKvM1g) --