Today, Azerbaijan
June 30 2006

Embassy of Azerbaijan in Britain investigate the fact of Swedish MPs
visit to Nagorno Karabakh

30 June 2006 [14:24] - Today.Az

Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan ordered Embassy of Azerbaijan in
Britain to investigate the fact of Swedish parliament members
visiting Nagorno Karabakh.

According to Foreign Ministry Press and Information Policy Office
chief Tahir Tagizade, if Swedish parliament members have visited
Nagorno Karabakh without warning Azerbaijan will send its official
protest to foreign policy office of this country.

Delegation headed by member of Swedish parliament Ulla Hofman visited
occupied territories of Azerbaijan June 28.

Swedish Left Party includes delegation. Swedish parliamentarian
coming to Azerbaijan from Armenia they met with vise-speaker of
co-called Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Rudik Usnunch.

Thanking to Swedish parliament for recognizing Armenian genocide,
Rudik Usnunch asked parliamentarian to help in the direction of
recognizing Nagorno Karabakh Republics as an independent state.

In his turn Ulla Hofman sated his party concern to Armenia and
Nagorno Karabakh, and will get in touch regularly with Nagorno
Karabakh Republic.

Swedish parliament members have accepted the invitation to
participate in the "measures on 13th anniversary of liberation of
Nagorno Karabakh Republic Mardakert region from occupation of
Azerbaijani Armed Forces".