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Armenian girl athlete news question

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  • Armenian girl athlete news question

    In the middle 1990's (around 1993 to 1997) in
    Armenia there was a female athlete and weightlifter who did feats
    of strength. She used a harness to leg lift hundreds of kilograms.
    She lifted some concrete blocks weighing hundreds of kilograms
    using a harness and leg strength. She
    used a rope to pull heavy vehicles. She appeared in some newspapers
    and on some television programs in Armenia. She sat in the middle of
    four pieces of connected wood forming a low edge box and she
    pulled a railroad car ( rail car ) for a
    television program. Does any one reading this know who this weightlifter
    athlete is? Does any one have any photos or newspaper articles on
    her strength act? This girl may have had two sisters who also performed
    amazing strength feats and lifted weights in Armenia.