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According To Political Technologist, There Are "Shoots Of Black PR"

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  • According To Political Technologist, There Are "Shoots Of Black PR"


    Noyan Tapan
    Jan 31, 2008

    YEREVAN, JANUARY 31, NOYAN TAPAN. In the forthcoming RA presidential
    elections all nine candidates for presidency bake very nice
    buns with big raisins, however it is very difficult to see their
    raisins. Political technologist Narek Malian presented this way his
    perception at the January 30 meeting with journalists at the Hayatsk
    club. As N. Malian evaluated, there is no "black PR" at the current
    stage of election campaign, there are only remindings of doing "black
    PR," but its shoots are already noticeable.

    The expert said that sociological surveys, which are the starting point
    of political technologies, do not work at all in such a country like
    Armenia: each person can conduct his own survey among his friends and
    to draw a conclusion from its results. The peculiarity of Armenia is
    that during presidential elections society is quickly divided into
    two main poles.

    Another peculiarity of society is striving for taking the part of
    the strong. And the candidates proceeding from it try to show that
    the strength is on their side.

    Avoiding to name the candidates having formed the two poles Malian
    said that a mixture of Western and Russian technologies is used by
    candidate A (the western technology is going from one apartment to
    another, meeting people, and the Russian technology is a technology
    of a ruler, a person controlling the situation). Accoridng to him,
    the mixed technology will not work in Armenia, as there is no kind
    ruler, kind tyrant. And candidate B has adopted the Western technology.

    According to the political technologist, the fact that "Forward,

    slogan worked well in case of Silvio Berlusconi does not mean at
    all that the slogan "Forward, Armenia!" should work well in Armenia
    (this is the slogan chosen by candidate for presidency, Prime Minister
    Serge Sargsian).

    As a novelty in the current election campaign N. Malian said that one
    of the candidates has put in circulation the method of communicating
    with people through DVD disks. Five out of the candidates for different
    reasons carry out their PR themselves: one of them himself does not
    believe his victory, therefore he has decided to economize money,
    the other has no money, the third thinks that no one can carry out his
    PR better than he himself. In case of another the party is engaged in
    his PR and rather successfully, and the candidate from the fixed 10%
    rating is gradually rising and will become a favorite.