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Dashnaktsutyun's Game Is Dishonest

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  • Dashnaktsutyun's Game Is Dishonest


    Jan 31 2008

    The deputy leader of the Republican Party Galust Sahakyan stated
    January 31 at the Azdak Club it is absurd that the ARF Dashnaktsutyun
    which has put up a presidential candidate is not criticizing the
    force which had closed down Dashnaktsutyun several years ago but is
    criticizing the government.

    "They do not try the government which discredited them but they
    say we did everything social, we developed agriculture, health
    would have been very good but we did not manage. This is the game
    Dashnaktsutyun plays which I think is not honest," Galust Sahakyan
    says. He refuted the information that they expect the endorsement of
    the ARF Dashnaktsutyun in the second round of the election.

    "There is no such consideration because we have not discussed the
    second round," Galust Sahakyan says.

    The reporters asked whether it means that after victory in the
    presidential election the Republican Party will review Dashnaktsutyun's
    share of government, and will reduce it.

    "First of all we do not reduce but the political situation dictates.

    The track will be chosen which will reinforce stability in the
    country. But for the principle, since 1999 the political forces which
    people trusted and voted for, we collaborated with them, either by
    agreements or a coalition. Therefore, it does not matter whether it
    will be Dashnaktsutyun or other, we cannot find it out yet.

    Naturally, today Serge Sargsyan is the first, Arthur Baghdasaryan
    is the second, Geghamyan is the third. This is it. This is not a
    forecast. This is the result of statistics, polls, and our analyses.

    The second and third places are of great value, people are fighting
    for them. Therefore, I do not think that now we must be considering
    what position each will get. It depends on the political situation.

    The political situation was such, and for the sake of more stability we
    set up a coalition with the Orinats Yerkir Party. It should be viewed
    in the light of the political situation rather than party interests,"
    Galust Sahakyan says.