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ANKARA: Presidential Battle In The US: Democrats And Republicans Pri

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  • ANKARA: Presidential Battle In The US: Democrats And Republicans Pri


    Journal of Turkish Weekly
    Jan 31 2008

    The long marathon of presidential elections of the US has started
    in the beginning of 2008 with Republicans and Democrats fighting to
    be elected as their party's presidential candidate. Through a series
    of state-by-state primaries and caucuses, the main political figures
    in both sides have been battling to force out their rivals as much
    as possible.

    On the one hand, the main contest within the Democrats has been
    mainly between the New York Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack
    Obama from Illinois. That is, the Democrats have been experiencing an
    interesting election competition between an African American candidate
    and a female one. Another candidate, John Edwards, is not given much
    chance due to the excessive powers of the former two. In fact, many
    argue that the last potential nominee for the party has been treated
    as a bystander alongside the other two.

    In the battle between Clinton and Obama, the picture is quite
    mysterious with regard to who will become the winner out of the tense
    elections competitions. The Democrat Party has 4049 delegates and in
    order to be elected as the candidate for the presidency, the potential
    candidates should get the support of at least 2025 delegates. On
    January, 3, Obama won the Iowa caucus with 37.58% percent support,
    ahead of 29.75% for John Edwards and 29.47% for Clinton. Then, on
    January 8, Clinton won the New Hampshire primary with 39% of the
    vote to Obama's 37%. With the South Carolina primary, Obama defeated
    Clinton on January 26 with the support of 55% while the latter getting
    27%. And on the race over Florida, the fourth most populous state in
    the US, Clinton has won on January, 29. Among the others, these two
    candidates have a very divergent policies with regard to many issue
    and have produces various accusations to one another. However, if
    elected, they have a common goal to deal with the 'Armenian issue';
    which has been continuously utilized for gaining the votes of 1.5
    million people having Armenian origin in the US.

    On the other hand, three political figures have been in a harsh race
    within Republicans to be elected as the nominee of the party for
    the presidential elections. These are Arizona senator John McCain,
    former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former New York City
    Mayor Rudy Giuliani. A Republican leader to be nominated for the
    presidential candidacy should reach the number of 1191 out of 2380
    delegates within the party. While Romney has managed to acquire the
    support of the people in Iowa, Michigan and Nevada, McCain became
    victorious in New Hampshire and Florida. The third competitor,
    Giuliani, had been following an unconventional policy by getting
    prepared for only the Florida primary that was hold on January 29.

    However, the result was a total collapse for him as he only managed
    to be the third after the former two with a support of 15%.

    For now, no expert is sure about who will be nominated from Democrats
    or Republicans. While Obama-Clinton race has been increasingly becoming
    tense, the Republicans have seemed to reduce the potential names to
    two after the collapse of Giuliani at the Florida primary.

    Now, the 'Super Duper Tuesday' is the date for which everybody is
    waiting in the US. On February 5, 22 states will simultaneously hold
    the elections in order to find the right name to nominate for the
    presidential elections which will be held in November 2008.

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress