2008-03-31 17:00:00

ArmInfo. Tourists in Armenia complain for high prices and non-developed
infrastructure, the results of International Visitor Survey presented
today are evidence of this, the head of foreign relations department
of National Statistics Service Aleksandr Petrosyan said at the
press-conference, Monday.

He also added that survey was held on the basis of questioning of
those who arrive in Armenia and leave it at all the border points
between September 2006 and August 2007. The survey was held through a
collaborative effort between the National Statistics Service, Ministry
of Trade and Economic Development, Armenian Tourism Development Agency
and USAID-funded Competitive Armenian Private Sector project. According
to the results of survey, tourists visiting Yerevan chiefly live
not in the hotels but at their relatives' apartments or rent an
apartment. They seldom visit the regions. He also added that chiefly
Armenia is visited from Georgia (18,6%), Russia 11,4%, France - 11%
and Germany - 7,8%. The major part of tourists (44,8%) visit Armenia
to meet their relatives, 22,4% on business and only 11,6% to spend
their vacation. On average, tourists stay in Armenia 19.6 days and
spend $36 per day. Canadians and Japanese spend the most during their
stay in Armenia. Armenian residents travelling to overseas mostly
travel to Russia (44,9%) and (24,7%). They Stay an average 49 days
outside Armenia and spend $21 per day.