Nov 20 2008

The Social-Democratic Hunchakian Party has expressed its strong concern
over possible concessions in the continuing Armenian-Azerbaijani
peace talks over Nagorno-Karabakh.

YEREVAN ARMENIA-- The Social-Democratic Hunchakian Party has expressed
its strong concern over possible concessions in the continuing
Armenian-Azerbaijani peace talks over Nagorno-Karabakh that it says
Armenia's current leadership has not been empowered to agree to.

The SDHP has issued a statement on Monday criticizing Serzh Sarkisian
for formally ending the hopes of Karabakh to regain its status as
a party to the internationally mediated peace talks by signing a
declaration, along with the presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia,
calling for a direct dialogue between Yerevan and Baku.

'Until now Robert Kocharian and Serzh Sarkisian have substantiated
their criminal hold to power by claiming that they can keep Karabakh
independent, unlike Levon Ter-Petrosian who allegedly would have given
it back to Azerbaijan,' the chairwoman of the SDHP Lyudmila Sarkisian
said at a November 10 press conference. However today it is obvious
that Armenia's second president and the current one cannot and do not
want to keep Artsakh. In her words, Serzh Sarkisian is not an elected
and legitimate president, and for that reason the negotiations on the
Karabakh conflict will proceed in a direction which is not desirable
for Armenia.

The SDHP statement said the international organizations pushing for
a speedy resolution of the conflict would bear responsibility for any
document concerning the future of Nagorno-Karabakh signed by Armenia's
leadership that lacks the delegated rights from the Armenian people
to act on their behalf.

'It is Nagorno-Karabakh that is the real party to the conflict and
Stepanakert has not made any decision authorizing Yerevan, let alone
Armenia's current illegitimate authorities, to negotiate a deal or make
decisions on its behalf,' the Hunchakian Party said in its statement.

Gurgen Yeghiazarian, a senior party representative, said the Moscow
declaration has confirmed the 'disgraceful' fact that the Karabakh
conflict has two sides, i.e. Azerbaijan and Armenia, and therefore
has completely ousted Nagorno-Karabakh from the current peace process.

Another senior party figure Vahan Shirkhanian, former deputy defense
minister, alleged that the solution offered to the sides is leading
directly to war.

'International structures lay an ever-acting landmine in the South
Caucasus that may explode any time they wish. Getting the Karabakh
conflict resolved this way means that the next war will be much
fiercer and destructive for all peoples of the South Caucasus,'
said Shirkhanian, who served as Armenia's deputy defense minister
throughout the 1990s.

'It is vitally important that the people and authorities of Karabakh
present their clear standpoint on the current situation.' Shirkhanian
pointed out that the Madrid principles presuppose considerable
concessions by Armenia, and the Armenian authorities are ready to
make such concessions, whereas the peoples of Armenia and Artsakh
will not tolerate such a solution.

'Morever, if it comes to the withdrawal of troops from Artsakh,
the people of Artsakh will refuse to do so,' Shirkhanian predicted,
adding that it will result in new military operations.

'A new war in Transcaucasia is desirable for international
structures. If they had been in favor of peace, they would have
proposed some other solution and not the Madrid principles'.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress