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President's Administration Intervenes In The Work Of Fact-Finding Gr

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  • President's Administration Intervenes In The Work Of Fact-Finding Gr


    [06:05 pm] 20 November, 2008

    Joint statement of Armenian National Congress and "Heritage" party
    on activities of the Expert Fact-Finding Group

    The Fact-finding group initiated its activities on November 14 and
    approved some decisions by a unanimous vote. One of them was the
    decision to elect Vahe Stepanyan head of the Fact-finding group
    and the other was to choose the office of the Ombudsman as the work
    place. The Ombudsman gave his consent to provide necessary conditions
    for the group's productive work. Both decisions were welcoming because
    they are called for securing more neutrality of the group's work and
    independence from political influence.

    Despite the abovementioned, the president's administration has
    intervened in the work of the fact-finding group and has imposed
    the building of the National Assembly as a work place without any

    Taking into account the fact that the president's administration has
    illegally intervened in the activities of the Fact-finding group
    and the fact that the administration is obligating the group to
    work where there are no principles of preventing the revelation of
    witnesses, as well as keeping experts and witnesses away from any
    type of influence, it becomes clear that this is going to create
    difficulties when it comes to protecting the group from any pressure
    and thus, the effectiveness of the revelation of the facts regarding
    the crimes of March 1.

    What the authorities are doing goes to show once again that they are
    concerned about the fact-finding group's objective and independent
    investigation of the events of March 1. The Armenian National Congress
    and "Heritage" party demand the refusal of the authorities to pressure
    the fact-finding group and attempts to control their work. We reaffirm
    that if the pressures and attempts to create obstacles continue,
    we will be forced to call back our representatives.

    From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress