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BAKU: Immunity of Turkish Diplomacy Against Armenian Policy Weakens

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  • BAKU: Immunity of Turkish Diplomacy Against Armenian Policy Weakens

    From: "Katia M. Peltekian" <[email protected]>
    Subject: BAKU: Immunity of Turkish Diplomacy Against Armenian Policy Weakens

    TREND , Azerbaijan
    Nov 28 2008

    Immunity of Turkish Diplomacy Against Armenian Policy Weakens: Trend
    News Commentator
    28.11.08 12:44

    Rufiz Hafizoglu, Editor of the Middle East desk of Trend News.

    Relations between Armenia and Turkey comparatively have improved after
    Serzh Sargsyan's victory in the presidential elections. Unlike
    previous Armenian government, which held radical and irreconcilable
    position toward Turkey, the current government seeks to demonstrate
    more moderate position.

    However, Armenians' territorial claim to Turkey and `genocide' issue
    prevented to restore relations between the countries. The Armenian
    diplomacy, which admitted impossibility of their one-time abolition,
    used Turkish President Abdullah Gul's love of football, inviting him
    to Yerevan to watch the Armenia-Turkey match. Turkey answered
    positively and Gul was hospitably received in Armenia.

    In fact, restoration of relations with Turkey is not connected to
    Armenians' refusal from historical claim, but focused on economic
    revival of the country, which is in blockade, and its entry to the
    world through Turkey. The latest developments in the region made
    Yerevan restore relations with Ankara. Turkey has a ground to improve
    and restore the Turkish-Armenian relations, as well. Liberal Islamists
    replaced the nationalist government.

    Armed conflict between Georgia and Ossetia has influenced on relations
    between Yerevan and Tbilisi, and Armenia was in blockade by all sides
    except Iran. However, pressure of the West on Iran put duration of
    relations between Yerevan and Tehran under doubt. Armenia's turning
    toward Turkey has become the most reasonable way out of the situation
    and revival of the death economy.

    Sargsyan says: `The latest developments in Georgia have influenced on
    economy of Armenia and as a result, a strong fuel crisis has aroused
    in the country.' The Armenian President's speech creates grounds to
    think that restoration of diplomatic relations with Turkey will enable
    Yerevan to restore the declined economy.

    The first stage of the Armenian diplomacy's strategic plan `
    Improvement the Turkish-Armenian relations ` has been successfully
    fulfilled. Edward Nalbandian, the Armenian Foreign Minister visited
    Istanbul on 24 November to participate in a conference of Foreign
    Ministers of the Black Sea Cooperation Organization. The meeting
    focused on discussions of Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh
    problem, Turkish-Armenian relations, `Armenian genocide', as well as
    establishment of Caucasus Stability & Cooperation Platform, initiated
    by Turkey.

    Nalbandian's Istanbul visit, where many interesting statements have
    been sounded, entered the history.

    Nalbandian positively answered Turkish Premier Receb Tayyib Erdogan's
    initiative jointly to study Armenian and Turkish archives to
    investigate the 1915 developments.

    The Armenian Minister regarded possible to establish a friendly
    historical commission to investigate `Armenian genocide', the Turkish
    Zaman newspaper reported.

    The statement by Nalbandian that the issue on recognition of the
    `genocide' was not included into the agenda of the meeting for
    development of relations was particularly remembered

    At the press-conference in Istanbul the Armenian minister said that
    Armenia did not lay down any conditions for the development of
    relations with Turkey. Nevertheless, the issue on recognition of the
    `Armenian genocide' is an integral part of the Armenian policy.

    At first glance the appearance of Nalbandian creates visibility, that
    the Armenians refused from the requirements to recognize
    `genocide'. In actuality, thin nuances of Armenian policy lie behind
    this statement. Armenians gave temporary agreement to two of three
    basic requirements, advanced by Turkey for restoring the
    relations. These requirements are - to decline the charges in
    connection with `genocide' of Armenians, end to advance territorial
    claims to Turkey, return the occupied lands of Azerbaijan. Temporarily
    send the officials of Armenia to a compromise only by two of three
    advanced by Turkey requirements: in issues `Armenian genocide' and
    territorial claims to Turkey

    In the interview to CNN the Armenian President said that despite of
    neither Armenian official appeared with territorial claims towards
    Turkey, there are organizations in Turkey, which contend that there is
    no a state like Armenia.

    Against the background of the recent developments Armenia has a
    purpose, realisation of which it is unavoidable to approach. This is
    the temporary fulfilling of two requirements, which have significant
    meaning for Ankara, because of which the boundaries with Turkey will
    be opened and the dead economy of Armenia will revive.

    After the historical visit of Gul to Yerevan, the relations between
    Armenia and Turkey develop rapidly. Ali Babacan, the Turkish Foreign
    Minister, said after the meeting with Armenian counterpart Edward
    Nalbandian that the talks were held in a friendly and cordial
    atmosphere and the discussions of political and technical issues
    between the countries would be continued in the future. According to
    Babacan, the goal of the talks is to completely normalize the
    bilateral relations. For this purpose, the sides will hold meetings.

    Nalbandian expressed certainty in efforts to be taken in the future to
    improve the relations between the two countries.

    And as `fruit' of these negotiations between the ministers the Turkish
    Turk Hava Yolları airline is about to open charter flights to

    Given the aforementioned facts, that Turkish diplomats could not
    withstand the Armenian policy any more, and the immunity of Turkish
    policy against Armenia has weakened.