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NKR: Assistance Will Be Provided To Conscientious Land Users

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  • NKR: Assistance Will Be Provided To Conscientious Land Users


    NKR Government Information and Public Relations Department
    July 30, 2009

    Today, NKR Prime Minister Ara Haroutyunyan conducted a conference with
    the heads of regional administrations of the Republic and discussed
    a number of issues connected with the completing harvest of cereals
    and the forthcoming autumn sowing activities.

    The Prime Minister gave an unsatisfactory estimation to the obvious
    results of harvest and emphasized that its main reason lies in the low
    standards of land cultivation, particularly, in the improper level of
    combating against plant pests. It was instructed to take agricultural
    measures towards care of sown areas within the necessary time limits
    having planned in advance all the works. At the conference a demand
    was advanced to begin the first tillage for autumn sowing process in
    time and to finish the whole agricultural campaign until September
    10 through mobilizing the available organizational and technical

    The Government will continue rendering assistance of various forms to
    farmers engaged in grain production. With tenants this operation will
    be performed through the Fund of Village and Agriculture Development,
    land owners will be provided support through the mediation of community
    and regional administrations. "We shall support only the farmers
    implementing proper land cultivation",- Prime Minister A.Haroutyunyan
    stated once more.

    In concern with the areas in separate regions damaged by the
    hailstorm of July the head of the Government reported that there
    will be state assistance provided in form of financial and commodity
    compensation. The Department of Territorial Administration and Local
    Self-government of the NKR Government Staff and the Fund of Village
    and Agriculture Development were charged with a task to complete the
    examinations in the damaged areas and to prepare proposals based on
    individual approach. Particularly, separate owners are anticipated
    to be exempted of land rents.

    NKR Minister of agriculture A.Tsatryan partook in the conference.