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Newly Renovated Vedi Polyclinic Welcomes Children And Their Parents

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  • Newly Renovated Vedi Polyclinic Welcomes Children And Their Parents

    31.07.2009 11:16

    On July 31, 2009, the head of the USAID/Armenia Social Reform Office
    Sangita Patel and Mayor of Vedi Varuzhan Barseghyan cut the ribbon
    at a ceremony marking the re-opening of the Vedi Medical Center's
    Children Polyclinic.

    This renovation was made possible through the joint efforts of the
    US government, local Armenian government and the Vedi Medical Center
    with the support of USAID Project NOVA.

    The Vedi Municipality and the Medical Center provided 25% of the
    renovation budget, while USAID Project NOVA contributed 75%. In
    addition, as part of Project NOVA, the Vedi Polyclinic personnel -
    pediatricians and family physicians - participated in a series of
    state-of-the-art training activities focusing on child health.

    Project NOVA has worked in the Vedi region since 2006. Project
    interventions include the establishment of a School of Motherhood,
    renovation and furnishing of the Women's Consultation Center at
    the Vedi Maternity, as well as training of medical personnel in
    key maternal and child healthcare competencies. The Project has
    also renovated 10 rural health posts in the Vedi region through the
    Community Partnership for Health initiative, trained 14 community
    nurses in Safe Motherhood Clinical Skills and provided them with
    basic equipment and supplies required for mother and child healthcare.

    USAID Project NOVA works in Armenia to improve the quality of and
    access to maternal and child healthcare, particularly in rural areas,
    by improving the performance of healthcare workers, providing basic
    clinical equipment and supplies, renovating healthcare facilities,
    and mobilizing and educating communities.

    It is implemented by a consortium of international organizations
    - Emerging Markets Group, IntraHealth International and Save the
    Children in close partnership with the Ministry of Health, marz
    health departments, Yerevan State Medical University, leading medical
    colleges, National Institute of Health and healthcare facilities.