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PFA Announces a Youth Forum to Discuss Armenia-Diaspora Relations

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  • PFA Announces a Youth Forum to Discuss Armenia-Diaspora Relations

    Policy Forum Armenia
    1250 I (Eye) Street N.W., Suite 710
    Washington, D.C. 20005
    Contact : Irina Alaverdyan
    Email: [email protected]

    PFA Youth Forum

    Armenia-Diaspora Relations: Future Endangered?

    Call for Proposals

    On October 10, 2009, the foreign ministers of Armenian and Turkey signed two
    protocols entitled the `Protocol on the establishment of diplomatic
    relations' and the `Protocol on the development of bilateral relations'. The
    period between the announcement (August 31, 2009) and the signing witnessed
    significant and wide-spread demonstrations in the Diaspora, with limited
    public resistance in Armenia. Yerevan's handling of the process that
    preceded the signing of the protocols appears to have deepened the divide
    between the Diaspora and the establishment in Armenia. The fragmented
    opposition in Armenia is yet to form a common view on the issue, all while
    the establishment is still struggling with challenges of legitimacy
    resulting from the fraudulent elections in February 2008 and May 2009.

    To provide an opportunity for young professionals to discuss
    Armenia-Diaspora relations, perspectives on and approaches to the
    present-day challenges facing the Armenian nation, Policy Forum Armenia
    announces a Youth Forum to take place on Saturday, January 23, 2010 in
    Washington, DC. The full-day Forum will include 3 panels each comprising 4
    panelists. An additional panel of academic and policy experts will also
    present at the Forum. The event will feature a keynote speech on the overall
    topic of Armenia-Diaspora relations.

    Topics of interest for the Organizing Committee include:

    · Benefits and drawbacks of the protocols

    · Concerns of legitimacy and the signing of the protocols

    · Licking the wounds and looking ahead: An optimist's agenda

    · People of Armenia vs. its governments: Who should Diaspora pledge
    its allegiances to?

    · Globalization and transnationalism: Are Diaspora-Armenia relations
    stuck in the past?

    · Legal, developmental, and moral reasons for Diaspora's engagement
    in Armenia

    · Traditional Diaspora leadership: Out of touch, out of vision, or
    out of integrity?

    How to Apply

    Interested undergraduate and graduate students residing in the United States
    and Canada should submit a 1-page proposal on their topic as well as a cover
    letter containing the following information:

    · Applicant's full name

    · Personal contact information including mailing address

    · Institutional affiliation (college or university) and status
    (years completed)

    · Major area of study

    · Names and contact information for two referees (at least one

    Applicants should also mention in this letter whether they would like to be
    considered for need-based travel funds. These funds are limited and will
    only be available to a small number of applicants.

    The application deadline is December 14, 2009. Applications should be
    forwarded electronically to [email protected] with a subject `PFA Youth
    Forum.' Participants will be informed about the Committee's decision by
    December 20. Successful applicants must submit their full position papers
    (5,000 word limit) by January 17, 2010.

    Policy Forum Armenia is an independent professional non-profit association
    aimed at strengthening discourse on Armenia's economic development and
    national security and through that helping to shape public policy in