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Session On The Black Sea Interconnection Project Kicks Off Today In

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  • Session On The Black Sea Interconnection Project Kicks Off Today In


    SEPTEMBER 29, 2009

    YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 29, ARMENPRESS: Session dedicated to the Black
    Sea Interconnection (BSI) project kicked off today in Yerevan in
    which Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan, Education and Science
    Minister Armen Ashotian, Head of the Armenian National Academy of
    Science Radik Martirosian and others were present.

    The BSI project is being implemented within the frameworks of Framework
    Project 7(FP7) of the European Commission. Armenian National Academy of
    Science and "The Association of Armenian Scientific and Educational
    Nets" foundation are the partners of BSI project. Deputy Head of
    the National Academy of Science Yuri Shukurian noted that the Black
    Sea Interconnection project aims to construct an international net
    infrastructure in the Caucasian region.

    The project will develop a high speed net between the south Caucasian
    scientific-educational centers. Started from June 1 the BSI project
    ensures link in Armenia together with scientific-educational GEANT2
    net which enables to import new services to the region and is an
    important step for integration of the scientific potential of the
    region into the Europe.

    "Accession of Armenia to the pan-European educational-scientific net
    has a very important role. Our scientists are enabled to get acquainted
    with the activity of specialists from other states, their potential
    and to present their works. Accession to the net settles many issues,
    but there is an issue of providing with high-speed wire link during
    using the net and BSI will assist in this issue," Y. Shukurian said.

    According to him BSI will join Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia in
    one net. The National research nets of the three states will join to
    more than 15 academic nets and 45 universities. In virtue of it the
    high quality net resources will be available for the students and
    the speed for joining internet for the research nets of the region
    will increase 2-10 times.

    Due to the fast net connections the researche ity to partake in such
    advanced European infrastructural projects like ATLAS or VLBI. The
    projects of European Neighborhood Policy will also use the BSI net
    for supporting the electronic management, entrepreneurship and health
    sphere projects.

    Greeting the guests the Armenian Prime Minister noted that serious
    events must be implemented to make the atmosphere favorable for the
    IT developments. "Regrettably now we have most serious problems
    in this sphere; first of all these issues are connected with the
    infrastructures which do not satisfy our specialists. Shortcoming
    of the infrastructures affects on the speed of transformation of the
    information. We have investment projects in this direction which will
    contribute to the significant development of this sphere," the Prime
    Minister said.

    He noted that accession to the GEANT2 net creates an exceptional
    opportunity for Armenian scientists. He stressed the importance of
    conduction of the conference noting that new ideas will be raised in
    the process and new ties will be established between the scientists
    of Armenia and other states.

    The processes of training and retraining of the students are under
    the limelight of the Government and according to the Prime Minister
    accession to the GEANT2 net creates exclusive opportunities for the
    students as well.

    Representatives of "Turkish council of scientific and technological
    researches", "Greek net of researches and technologies", "Net union
    of central and eastern Europe", "Georgian research and educational net
    union" as well as "Azerbaijani union of research and educational nets"
    took part in the conference.