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Attorneys Vartkes Yeghiayan and Rita Mahdessian Honored in Greece

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  • Attorneys Vartkes Yeghiayan and Rita Mahdessian Honored in Greece

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    Attorneys Vartkes Yeghiayan and Rita Mahdessian Honored in Greece

    California Attorneys Vartkes Yeghiayan and Rita Mahdessian were recently
    honored in Athens, Greece, for their efforts in repatriating the legal
    rights of the Eastern Greeks.

    In 2008, Attorney Yeghiayan facilitated the creation of a voluntary
    settlement program with New York Life Insurance Company for heirs of Greeks
    who had purchased life insurance policies in the Ottoman Empire prior to
    1915. The total value of the voluntary program was $15 million.

    In a magnificent setting at Dora Stratou Amphitheatre at the Acropolis, the
    Federation of Refugee Associations of Greece, the Pan-Pontian Federation of
    Greece, the Ecumenical Federation of Constantinopolitans and the
    Pan-Hellenic Federation of Thracian Associations jointly honored the lawyers
    with a rich cultural program including performances by nine Greek
    traditional folkloric dance ensembles. The event, which took place on
    September 14, 2009, was attended by some two thousand people, including
    former Greek Prime Minister Yiannis Grivas, who presented the awards. Also
    present were representatives from the Mayor's office, the press and
    political parties.

    The ceremony was preceded by a one day International Conference on September
    12, 2009, at the Auditorium of Athens Parnassos Literary Society, on the
    occasion of the 54th Anniversary of Septemvriana (Istanbul prior to 1955 -
    The Restitution of Minorities as a prerequisite for Respect of Human Rights
    in Turkey.) The topics covered the Mechanisms of confiscation of properties
    and persecution during the Second World War.

    There were many distinguished speakers at the event, including Assistant
    Professor Iakovos Aktsglov, Assistant Professor Ioannis Ktistaskis,
    Representatives of Swedish and European Parliaments, four scholars from
    Turkey including Dr. Ron Marguiles, Dr. Dilek Kurban, Dr. Dilek Guven, &
    Sait Cetinoglu, and Attorney Vartkes Yeghiayan.