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NKR MFA: official Baku learnt no lesson from Sumgait events

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  • NKR MFA: official Baku learnt no lesson from Sumgait events

    NKR MFA: official Baku learnt no lesson from Sumgait events

    28.02.2010 15:18 GMT+04:00

    /PanARMENIAN.Net/ The events of late February 1988 in the town of
    Sumgait shocked the international community with their savagery and
    brutality. They became an embodiment of the Azerbaijani authorities'
    policy of hatred towards Armenians conducted within the whole soviet

    `Unfortunately, the pogroms organized and implemented in Sumgait on
    February 27-29 on a top state level haven't got corresponding
    political or legal assessment, and their organizers and basic
    executors haven't only avoided any punishment, but they still occupy
    top positions in Azerbaijan. The official structures of the USSR
    hurried to put veto on the Sumgait issue, artificially dividing the
    mass massacre of Armenians into separate crimes. In other words, the
    committed genocide was veiled, and its organizers and executors were
    shielded on an official level.

    The policy of concealment towards the genocide in Sumgait made
    possible conducting ethnic cleansing in the whole territory of the
    Republic by the Azerbaijani SSR authorities and led to further
    unleashing a wide-scale military aggression against the people of the
    Nagorno Karabakh Republic. Having suffered a crushing defeat in its
    unleashed war, official Baku is not going to learn a lesson from the
    recent past and keeps on intensifying its military rhetoric.

    Official Baku's unwillingness to face the truth only distances the
    prospect of confidence building between Artsakh and Azerbaijan,
    without which the Karabakh conflict settlement and solution of other
    regional issues are impossible,' NKR MFA statement says.

    The pogroms of Armenians in Sumgait (a town located a half an hour
    drive away from Baku) took place on February 27-29, 1988. The events
    were preceded by a wave of anti-Armenian statements and rallies that
    swept over Azerbaijan. Almost the entire area of the town with
    population of 250 thousand became a site of unhindered mass pogroms.
    Armed with iron rods, stones, axes, knives, bottles and canisters full
    of petrol, the perpetrators broke in Armenian houses. There were
    dozens of casualties, mostly burnt alive after assaults and torture.
    Hundreds of innocent people were wounded and disabled. The story of
    Sumgait marked the first entry in a long list of crimes against
    humanity and ethnic cleansings of the end of the 20th century.