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    Advanced equipment to the radio lovers of Armenia

    VivaCell-MTS supports the development of one of the most original
    sports in Armenia

    VivaCell-MTS, a subsidiary of `Mobile TeleSystems' OJSC, announces
    that the Radio Sport Federation of Armenia received new professional
    equipment. Particularly, the federation got 4 shortwave and 9 super
    shortwave radio stations, measurement device for antennae, amplifiers,
    and additional accessories.

    Radio sport is a unique hobby, with a huge number of people around the
    world involved in it.

    Amateur radio direction finding (ARDF, also known as radio
    orienteering and radiosport) is an amateur racing sport that combines
    radio direction finding with the map and compass skills of
    orienteering. It has been most popular in Eastern Europe, Russia, and
    China, where it was often used in the physical education programs in
    schools. This sporting activity does not only help promote
    intercultural exchange but also has an important role in the
    mobilization and coordination of rescue activities in the emergency

    After 1988 Spitak Earthquake, the radio sport found very important
    application in Gyumri which suffered the most after the disaster: the
    town could establish connection from the ruined town, which was in
    complete isolation from the outer world.

    `One shouldn't overlook amateur initiatives, grounded on the desire to
    be useful to others. This sport is one such kind of activity:
    intercultural exchange, desire to communicate with the society, and
    most importantly, an alternative means to inform the society and
    prevent panic in emergency situations. It is necessary to encourage
    the sporting activities supported by dedicated people with a hope that
    the Armenian team of radiosport will have new victories in the
    future', said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

    Paying particular importance to this sport, VivaCell-MTS stretched
    hand to the radio lovers of Armenia also in 2008 by supporting with
    AMD 4 million for the acquisition of necessary equipment. The result
    was that the Radio Sport Federation of Armenia won prestigious places
    in 5 international competitions.

    We hope the continuous support to the Radio Sport Federation of
    Armenia will help enhance its capabilities even further.