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Tsarukyan Seizes Votes From Rp

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  • Tsarukyan Seizes Votes From Rp

    26 Nov 2010

    After deputy chairman of Orinats Yerkir Party /Country of Law, OYP/
    Heghine Bisharyan became a member of the parliamentary commission on
    Euro-integration issues, which now belongs to the Bargavach Hayastan
    Party, information appeared that BHK is getting ready to leave the

    Apparently, the withdrawal from coalition of BHK is seriously
    considered as by the very party so its coalition partners from the
    Republican Party and the Rule of Law. There are reasons for this: it
    is obvious that in this situation, it is advantageous for BHK to be
    outside the coalition than with the government. Sociologist Aharon
    Adibekyan also stated about this; he thinks that the only chance
    for Gagik Tsarukyan is stay at distance from the power preserving
    administrative levers.

    BHK's withdrawal from the coalition is advantageous for the Republican
    Party too, which does not want to share the votes obtained with the
    help of administrative resources. In 2007 parliamentary elections
    and in 2008 presidential elections, RP and BHK were in one team and
    worked hand in hand. More, Gagik Tsarukyan's force resource became
    a reliable support for the Republicans. At the end, the Republican
    Party "gave" to Tsarukyan only 200 thousand votes, though the party
    had 400 thousand members.

    Then Tsarukyan kept silence, but during the Yerevan Mayor election
    in 2009, he was obviously acting alone: we can remember a number of
    clashes between the electoral headquarters of Republican and Bargavach
    Hayastan Parties.

    Of course, during the upcoming parliamentary elections Tsarukyan will
    pose the problem to get the most votes - he has already announced
    about 50% +1 vote. But because he knows how many votes he actually
    has, his main task will be to deprive the Republican Party of those
    votes which are obtained through not entirely legal means. Say, under
    this light, we can consider the revelation of the Control Chamber
    relating to 60 thousand "dead souls", which for many years now receive
    a pension from the Pension Fund and, apparently, "vote". CC Chairman
    is a Gagik Tsarukyan's team-mate, and he, in fact, hinted to the BHK,
    that it will not allow this resource be used during elections.

    The position of the Republican Party in connection with the amendments
    to the Election Code is interesting too. MPs from the Bargavach
    Hayastan Party have repeatedly advocated the amendment to the order
    of formation of election commissions, insisting on an equal number of
    representatives from government and opposition. In fact, if the order
    will be amended, BHK, leaving the coalition, will get more chances to
    be represented in the election commissions and control the situation,
    not allowing falsifications by the Republicans.

    Proceeding from this logic, we have to expect regular "leakages"
    which will point out other illegal sources of "popularity" of the
    Republican Party. Say, former soldiers are possible to tell how they
    were forced to vote for the Republican Party.

    From: A. Papazian