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PM: Diaspora Investments direct way to development of tourism and ec

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  • PM: Diaspora Investments direct way to development of tourism and ec

    Prime Minister of Armenia: Investments from Diaspora a direct way to
    development of tourism and economy in general

    Friday, June 17, 17:06

    Armenia is a favorable environment for Diaspora's investments and
    business. In this light, investments by our compatriot in opening of a
    new hotel complex in the resort village of Hankavan can be exemplary
    for others, Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said at the
    ceremonial opening of Ani Resort Hotel in Hankavan, Thursday. Minister
    of economy, members of the government and heads of the local
    self-government attended the opening ceremony.

    American businessman Armenian by origin Sedrak Achemyan and his son
    Arthur Achemyan opened the new hotel complex in the area of the former
    sanatorium Erebuni.

    "I am happy to attend such event on my arrival from London where the
    key topic of discussed with big businessmen of the Armenian Diaspora
    was development of economy in Armenia through investments. Opening of
    this complex has become possible only thanks to our compatriot who
    decided to make his investments in Armenia," T. Sargsyan said.

    The prime minister said opening of such hotels makes Armenia a more
    attractive country for tourism, which is in harmony with one of the
    government's prior task i.e. development of tourism.

    "Another important factor is that our partner from Diaspora invests in
    the region and not in Yerevan, which is in harmony with another our
    task - proportional territorial development," Tigran Sargsyan said.
    The premier is sure that the guests of Ani Resort will enjoy high
    quality services and rich nature of Hankavan.

    For his part, S. Achemyan said that investments in the hotel complex
    he named after his daughter Ani totaled $7.5 million. "In Armenia it
    is necessary to develop villages, and promote activity of villagers. I
    am happy to make a contribution to development of this part of Kotayk
    region," he said. "Together with my son we plan to build similar
    resort complexes also in other regions," the businessman said. He said
    that almost all the rooms at Ani Resport have already been reserved.

    Construction of Ani Resort located 55km from Yerevan was launched in
    2008 and involved nearly 2000 people from, Hankavan and the nearby
    villages. The hotel has 40 rooms and 12 cottages for at least 140

    The cost of a room is 25,000-90,000 drams. The hotel has also an
    up-to-date conference hall for 80 people. There are two football and
    volleyball pitches, a tennis court, swimming pool, gym, playground,
    game zone, and restaurants. An ice-rink will be built at the hotel and
    a farm producing agricultural products.

    Hankavan is situated on the picturesque bank on the River of Marmarik
    on 1900m above sea level.

    By data of the National Statistical Service of Armenia in the Q1 2011
    the number of tourists visiting Armenia grew 22.1% versus the same
    period of 2010 to 113515 people. Tourists that visited Armenia in Q1
    2011 stayed at 43 hotels versus 33 in for Jan- Mar 2010. A total of
    17436 tourists used hotel services (up 75.6%), the other 96079 people
    stayed at their relatives or rented flats (up 15.7%).