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  • Are you trying to move mountains?

    Are you trying to move mountains?

    08:30 pm | June 17, 2011 | Politics

    Member of "Sardarapat" Movement, film director Tigran Khzmalyan is not
    too interested in what kind of document Serzh Sargsyan will be
    presented with in Kazan and is sure that the Armenian people won't
    allow the execution of any document that is not in the country's

    "Armenia can't accept any concession. The phrase "mutual concessions"
    is a word game. They are demanding concessions from Armenia, but we
    shouldn't be afraid of anything. We must understand our interest,
    dignity and the price. We shouldn't allow the entrance of foreign
    forces. I call on using judgement, and I'm not referring to those who
    will represent Armenia in Kazan," Tigran Khzmalyan today told "A1+".

    According to him, for the past twenty years, the Armenian authorities
    have had a strange working style when it comes to the Nagorno-Karabakh
    conflict resolution.
    "Armenia has tricked the world so much that even Armenians have
    convinced themselves that the NK is a separate state. That was the
    first administration's genius discovery. The second and third regimes
    decided to do everything without Karabakh, and now they are in trouble
    and say they should ask Karabakh. This is all leading to a crisis."

    Tigran Khzmalyan proposes to solve the issue in the most correct way,
    that is, to accept that Artsakh is one of Armenia's provinces.

    Touching upon Azerbaijan's declarations on accelerating the
    Nagorno-Karabakh conflict resolution, Mr. Khzmalyan said:

    "Unlike Armenia's leadership, Azerbaijan is thinking about the future.
    It realizes that there will no longer be a petroleum boom ten years
    later and the country will lose money. That is why they have begun to
    rush, but Armenia is in no rush."

    After learning about Serzh Sargsyan's response to the HAK's proposal
    for dialogue, Tigran Khzmalyan said:

    "Did he really respond? He simply smirked and asked whether the HAK
    was trying to move mountains. The people's energy at the square and
    some people's "smart" policy turned the river into a stream, the drops
    of the stream filled into a half-empty cup, but Serzh Sargsyan said he
    didn't need that cup."