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US Public TV broadcasts film on Armenian Genocide

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  • US Public TV broadcasts film on Armenian Genocide

    US Public TV broadcasts film on Armenian Genocide

    12:14 - 19.06.11

    The US Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) has aired a documentary about
    the Armenian Genocide.

    The film which lasted an hour and thirty minutes featured stories and
    opinions about the Genocide, as well as remarks and comments by
    renowned genocide studies experts Vahagn Dadrian, Israel Zarni, Peter
    Balakian, Tesa Hofman and others. The film slams Turkey's denailism,
    representing the historical fact of the Genocide.

    The documentary was accompanied with episodes from the interviews with
    the author of the program, Andrew Goldberg, and the Armenia's
    permanent representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Karen

    The channel will continue broadcasting the annual documentary series
    on the Armenian Genocide, as well as the Nagorno Karabakh, ignoring
    the continuing complaints of Turks and Azerbaijanis.

    PBS is a national educational TV channel established in 1970. It has
    commercial and news sections and a devotes a large part of its airtime
    to the study of history and documentary materials. Since 2004, it has
    been broadcast in the United States through 64 high definition TV