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NKR: Transition To New Pension System

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  • NKR: Transition To New Pension System


    NKR Government Information and
    Public Relations Department

    At the session of the NKR Government

    Today a regular session of the NKR Government chaired by Prime Minister
    Ara Haroutunyan was held.

    At the session the Executive spoke about some legislative initiations.

    First the Government approved draft laws "On forage" and "On
    bee-farming". By interpretation of minister of agriculture A.

    Tsatryan, further development of farm needs the usage of the like
    laws, which will allow regulating economic relations in this sphere,
    stipulate production and realization as well as define necessary
    control. In the Republic there are special expectations from
    bee-farming. As informed the minister of agriculture, last year more
    than 210 tones of honey were produced in the Republic, while there
    is a potential to bring this index to 500 tones. Prime Minister
    Ara Haroutunyan told that the realization of the product would be
    stimulated by the existing means, in order to increase its volume.

    In the NKR will soon pass to new multistage system. These goal-oriented
    necessary legislative drafts are already ready -approved by the
    Government and will be submitted to the NA's discussion. State pension
    welfare, compulsory stocker and voluntary stocker pension parts will
    be included in the NKR pension system. Prime Minister Ara Haroutunyan
    assigned the social welfare ministry to give necessary explanations
    to the population about the content and general provisions of the
    new system, tell about advantages and appropriateness of the novelty.

    The Executive approved draft law "On defining tax and other compulsory
    payment benefits for organizations and private entrepreneurs. This
    law will be enforceable for state and private enterprises.

    Among the new law drafts approved by the Government are the laws
    "On psychiatric aid" and "On non material cultural inheritance".

    The executive proposed amendments and additions in the NKR law "On
    social protection in case of population's employment and unemployment".

    By another resolution adopted by the Government during the session was
    asserted the new order of compensating the employee who was injured
    or obtained occupational desease during the implementation of his
    labour duties.

    The executive proposed amendments and additions in the laws "On social
    welfare of servicemen and members of their families", "On NKR Rescue
    Service", "On diplomatic service", "On service in Police". All the
    mentioned law drafts will be submitted to the discussion of National

    The Government adopted a number of resolutions for regulating the
    activity of different spheres.

    By one of the resolutions has been affirmed licensing orders and
    license forms of realizing educational programme in NKR.

    The Government approved the order of placing advertisement in transport
    means. It is defined that the advertisement must not be placed in
    the front and back parts of transport means and on those transport
    means which move dangerous burdens. Headlights of the cars can not
    be used because of the advertisements .

    At the session the executive made a number of amendments in temporary
    schemes of land area using which belong to Askeran's urban and rural
    communities of Khnkavan of the region Martakert.