An Istanbul juvenile court has delayed a hearing on the assassination
of the famous Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink on Wednesday.

The court was expected to come up with a verdict that would see Ogun
Samast, the person accused of Dink's murder, put in jail.

But according to the Turkish news agency Cihan, the court delayed
the hearing till July 25.

Under the Turkish law the sentence will be cut down for five years
as Ogun Samast was a minor when he murder Hrant Dink, who was then
the Chief Editor of the Turkish-Armenian newspaper Agos.

If convicted, Samast could face from 19 up to 27 years in prison for
"illegally holding weapons" and for a "planned murder".

Hrant Dink was murdered on 19 January 2007 outside the Agos newspaper
office in Istanbul. Dink was 52 when killed.

From: Baghdasarian