On June 29, on the Remembrance Day of the missing freedom fighters,
The senior staff of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff headed
by the head of the Committee on POWs Hostages and the Missing People,
Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan visited Yerablur Pantheon to pay
tribute to the monument of the Missing Freedom Fighters.

ARM Defesne Minister Seyran Ohanyan, relatives of the missing freedom
fighters, combat friends, participated in the commemorative event held
in the Yerevan Chamber Music Hall. While addressing the relatives,
Seyran Ohanyan particularly said, "There isn't a single reasonable
man who would prefer war rather than peace. Though for every nation
there happen to be moments when the war turns out to be enforced and
decisive for the security and further development of that nation. In
this sense the Artsakh War was the sacred struggle through which
we were able to preserve our national dignity. Unfortunately we had
irreversible losses during the war. Glory and honor to all freedom
fighters who sacrificed their lives for our current peaceful reality.

Unfortunately we have had missing people too during military operations
whose faiths our still unknown. I realize the difficult situation
by which you live today. Every phone call or doorbell evokes the
expectation of your relatives. I assure you that the Committee on POWs
Hostages and the Missing People steadily carries out work with the
international organizations to find out information on the missing
people and organize their return home".

There have been organized several events in regions of Armenia on
this commemoration day too.