Story from Lragir.am News:
Published: 16:42:38 - 29/06/2011

The coordinator of Fatah, Nabil Shaat told journalists that according
to their information 24 countries will recognize Palestine by
September. He expects among the firsts will be Armenia, AFP reports.

A Palestinian delegation headed by Nabil Shaat has recently visited

Azerbaijan will go on supporting Palestine in all international
organizations, stated the president of this country Ilham Aliyev.

This means Azerbaijan may be among those 24 countries to recognize

The leader of Palestine Mahmud Abbas stated in Baku that the Karabakh
issue should be solved too. True, he did not insist that Azerbaijan
must recognize Karabakh, like it demands the recognition of Palestine.

It is not ruled out that Armenia, in exchange for the recognition
of Palestine, will ask this country to be among the first in case a
"campaign' of recognition of Karabakh starts. Against this background,
Karabakh may also recognize Palestine.

There is some synchronism in the Karabakh and Palestine issues. The
recognition of NKR is seen as a method of the settlement of the issue.

The problem is when this method will be considered appropriate.