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Azerbaijani Philosopher: Azeris Use Armenians As Personal Standard

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  • Azerbaijani Philosopher: Azeris Use Armenians As Personal Standard


    June 29, 2011 - 17:06 AMT

    PanARMENIAN.Net - Azerbaijani people have a long suffered disease
    called Armenian mania, Doctor of Philosophy Aidin Ali-Zadeh writes.

    "In psychiatry there are diseases like megalomania, persecution mania
    etc... We have mania of the Armenian conception," as stated by the
    Ali-Zadeh's article on the website.

    "We do everything because Armenians did so. All contests and
    competitions are conducted with the only aim to be ahead of the
    Armenians. Armenians are like standard for Azeris. It is a center of
    galaxy, a benchmark, we push off from. If we are said to have something
    negative, we instead of improving it, say that Armenia is worse in
    it. And if it is said that something is better in Armenia, hefty
    resources are immediately being provided alongside with information
    support, so that to make it better than in Armenia. It ended in tracing
    Armenian criminal chronicles to find out if our criminal is less and
    more humane," the author writes.

    "It is so nice that there are Armenian on earth. If not, so many people
    would remain unemployed, so many people would not have something to
    write, could not organize competitions and earn money.

    People would not have something to talk about. We would not have
    industry, agriculture, aircrafts would not fly, and trains would not
    go. If Armenians have all this, we, too, must have it all, but in
    larger quantities and of higher quality," the article says.

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