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Authorities' true demeanor toward the diaspora - newspaper

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  • Authorities' true demeanor toward the diaspora - newspaper

    Armenian authorities' true demeanor toward the diaspora - newspaper
    August 16, 2012 | 07:05

    YEREVAN. - `Our correspondent, who, together with [Armenia's Diaspora
    Minister] Hranush Hakobyan, visited Hankavan [city's] Hasmik and
    Tsaghkadzor [city's] sport complex, was shocked by the contrast eye
    witnessed in these two places,' Hraparak daily writes and continues:

    `In the first, there were Syrian-Armenian children, [who] survived the
    war [in Syria] and returned to the Motherland. In the second, [there
    were] the well-known [young] `Falcons,' [who are] pampered by the
    authorities, [and are] always in elite camps.

    It would seem the state should first have cared for the
    Diaspora-Armenian children, many of whom are in Armenia for the first
    time. And this is a good opportunity for the Motherland to leave a
    good impression and be very hospitable before their eyes.

    Yet the object of our state's special care is not them, but rather the
    elite `birds,' who render very important services during elections.
    They need to live under special conditions, in expensive recreation
    homes, at the very least.

    That's all right that the children who arrived from the diaspora will
    be placed in camps that are virtually non-renovated since [the] Soviet

    In reality, this is a demeanor toward the [Armenian] diaspora, whom
    our state sees as a milking cow and remembers when the time comes for
    the all-Armenian begging. And the [Diaspora Ministry's] `Come Home'
    Program] is nothing but an action thought up by Ms. Hranush and
    secures her employment.'