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Ex-interior minister refutes news about his death in a letter

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  • Ex-interior minister refutes news about his death in a letter

    Hraparak: Armenia's ex-interior minister refutes news about his death
    in a letter
    09:23 - 16.08.12

    Hraparak writes it has received a letter from ex-interior minister of
    Armenia Vano Siradeghyan in which the latter refuted the news about
    his death.

    Chief editor of the paper says, `It is one of the unique cases when
    the refutation of our information makes us only happy.'

    In the letter to the chief editor of the paper Siradeghyan called not
    to underestimate him and stressed that he is able to let his relatives
    know in case something happens to him. `I truly understand the benefit
    of the paper, its temptation but you have made me break the silence.
    The reproach contained in the letter is addressed to you, the
    explanation given in it to my friends. In general, I am trying to
    isolate myself from the events taking place in Armenia, especially
    from the so-called political ones. To the extent that I have not even
    watched Armenian TV channels for already 12 years,' the paper quoted
    Siradeghyan's letter.

    The ex-minister and then influential figure also referred to the
    signature gathering and wanted to write a letter entitled `Stop it.'
    `In the morning I tore the paper realizing that such response will not
    be fair toward my friends but will be a demonstration of a tough and
    ungrateful stance toward each person signed. And the thought of the
    initiative being humiliating for me became of no significance. As to
    what I am thinking about return - eight years ago I was thinking one
    thing, now I do not think at all. In any case I will return to
    Armenia, but I hope I will not see the political, social, moral
    collapses our country has undergone during my absence. You will not
    believe but I have taken care to bring my `contacts' with Yerevan to a