May 25, 2012 | 07:30

YEREVAN. - The non-materialized coalition between the Republican
Party of Armenia (RPA) and Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) could be
detrimental for some businessmen, Hraparak daily writes.

"PAP-member businessmen are irritated by [PAP leader Gagik] Tsarukyan's
move [of not forming a coalition with the RPA], and they forecast
bad things.

They are worried that the PAP's oppositional stance will put their
business activities at risk. That is, the ruling RPA will force the
businessmen to completely fulfill their tax obligations, and this
will deal a heavy blow to their income.

But they are hopeful that everything will be overcome.

There is a panicky mood likewise among the PAP-member civil servants.

The rank-and-file PAP members, who work in the administrations,
are worried that they, too, could become unemployed when their
administrations pass over to the RPA's control," Hraparak writes.