Targeted News Service
May 29, 2012 Tuesday 4:56 AM EST

Stonehill College issued the following news release:

Stonehill Associate Professor of Political Science Anna Ohanyan has
earned a Fulbright Fellowship Award to Armenia where she will spend
the 2012-2013 academic year both teaching and conducting research.

Ohanyan's goal while teaching in Armenia will be to diversify
instructional technologies in higher education. She will work with
the Yerevan State Linguistic University (YSLU) to introduce two new
courses and will also collaborate with its new Center for Quality
Assurance, which focuses on establishing tools and policies of quality
control as well as developing and implementing learning assessment
standards. Ohanyan plans to assist the Center with professional
development programs for faculty.

"I will be working with my colleagues at YSLU to develop programs for
regular professional development seminars which will help establish
a culture of continuous learning and discovery of innovative teaching
tools that may be used by instructors in their teaching," says Ohanyan,
who was born in Armenia.

Topics for the seminars will range from course development to
skills-based learning and writing infusion to prospects of student
autonomy and empowerment in the learning process she notes.

One of the courses she plans to introduce while teaching at YSLU
is her International Organizations course which she has taught at
Stonehill since her arrival in 2005.

"Graduates of YSLU are often recruited to work for international
organizations and NGOs that are active in Armenia and for such
students, a background on the workings of international organizations
as well as of the economic, social, and political dimensions of
globalization, will be a significant compliment to their educational
experience," says Ohanyan.

On the research end, she plans to continue her investigation on
regionalism in politically divided areas such as the South Caucasus
region. Her research this summer and during her time in Armenia will
focus on the involvement of the Regional Cooperation Council in the
Balkans and the role of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation organization
in Armenia and its neighboring countries.

Through a grant from Civil Society, Education and Media Development
(IREX), Ohanyan will travel to the Balkans this summer for fieldwork
and in the fall, will begin conducting interviews in Armenia.

"Professor Ohanyan has set a high bar with her scholarship and
teaching. Since her arrival we have seen a steady increase in the
numbers of students wishing to pursue careers with nongovernmental
organizations or post graduate work in the area of peace and conflict
studies. We are thrilled that her excellent work has been recognized
with a Fulbright Fellowship," said Peter Ubertaccio, professor and
chair of Stonehill's Political Science Department.

At Stonehill, she actively works with the Center for Teaching and
Learning, which supports faculty in their roles as educators and
facilitates collaboration among faculty members at the College.

Ohanyan established the multidisciplinary minor Peace and Conflict,
which has attracted a growing number of students at Stonehill. As
part of the program, she developed three new courses.

She has served as a Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government
at Harvard University from 2002-2004 and at the Woodrow Wilson
International Center for Scholars in 2007.

Ohanyan is the author of "NGOs, IGOs, and the Network Mechanism of
Post-Conflict Global Governance," published in 2008. She has published
widely on transnational politics, international organizations and
peacebuilding in such post-conflict settings such as Kosovo, Bosnia
and Herzegovina, Afghanistan and Abkhazia.

Ohanyan has also served as a consultant for numerous organizations
such as the United Nations Foundation, the World Bank, the National
Intelligence Council Project at the University of Maryland, the U.S.

Department of State, the Carter Center and USAID.